Emily Wears: Photos of the ‘Storage Wars’ Auctioneer

Emily Wears

Emily Wears is one of the new auctioneers on Storage Wars, but her talents go way beyond just auctions. Wears is also a singer, musician, leather worker, and is newly engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Cody Kroul. Emily was born and raised in rural Iowa-- her father is Brent Wears, the owner of Wears Auctioneering Inc. Emily was just 17 when she finished auction school, and within 10 years, she has become one of the more recognizable female auctioneers in the business. In a recent interview with The Gazette, Wears spoke about what it's been like traveling back and forth between LA and Iowa to film Storage Wars, while also helping run Wears Auctioneering's online auctions. "Things have been crazy,” she said. “I didn’t know how consuming it would be. But looking back, that was crazy for a while but it was fun. I’m not doing it to make millions, but this opportunity doesn’t come every day. I thought I’d give it a try and I ended up really enjoying it.” Click through our gallery to learn more about Emily Wears. (Getty) (Facebook/EmilyRose)