Landon Clements: Is She Dating Boyfriend Drew Mahaffey or Thomas Ravenel?

Landon Clements

Landon Clements starts off Southern Charm with a new boyfriend named Drew Mahaffey. He's a younger man and Clements appears to be having fun. Unfortunately, rumors of her dating or having a fling with co-star Thomas Ravenel continue to plague her. And, this season, it looks like there may be some truth to the rumors ... at least on Ravenel's side. By the looks of this season, Ravenel may be interested in dating Clements. In the past he has complimented her and talked about her beauty on the show. This season, Ravenel has expressed that he's finally ready to settle down and wants to find a woman who could be a good mother figure to his children. Could Clements be the one for him? Get the latest info on Clements' men, along with her ex-husband, in our Instagram gallery dedicated to Clements' dating life. (Instagram/ALandonClements)