Prince: Remembering the Icon Through Photos

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I don’t believe that what we’ve heard, and seen– nor, what we’re hearing and seeing now!– about the circumstances surrounding the death of Prince, ARE, what we’ve been led to believe! There are simply TOO MANY unanswered questions! For one!… for Prince to have DELIBERATELY risked his health by using a substance such as Fentanyl, would appear to be out of character with his WELL MANAGED personal creative endeavors, and, those representative, of his personal philosophy! And so… just HOW Prince became “introduced” to such a substance, is a task for Forensic Investigators!… and, for TRUE FRIENDS of this talented artist! And given that he had no apparent “estate will”… and– how shall I put it!– the “ominous circumstances” preceding his “untimely death”, preempted his ability to draft one!… there is a “pregnant question”, as to whether some “ominous interests” had “ominous intentions”, concerning that known fact! This may not be a repeat of the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson!… but!… the circumstances, are– at the very least!– suspicious!
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