‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Premiere: How to Watch Episode 1 Live Stream [LINKS, VIDEO]

(Adult Swim/Rick & Morty)

In what is probably the best April Fool’s joke ever, Rick and Morty is livestreaming the premiere episode of Season 3 all day online. This is epic. At first viewers wondered if the episode was just a joke and not the real thing. But it is the real thing. We finally get to see Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1 and it is amazing. (An embedded video of the live stream is later in this story. Photos and a recap of the premiere are here.)

To watch the livestream on Adult Swim just click here. But it’s a little more complicated than just clicking and watching. Originally, the link went directly to a livestream that was playing the episode over and over. But now it’s different. Adult Swim says: “You’ve been patient. Here’s every episode back-to-back including the Season Premiere. (Available in select locations).” So you’re going to have to shotgun the entire series. Which is highly recommended. Total run time without commercials is about 484 minutes or 8 hours and four minutes, which isn’t very long for the best new cartoon series. (How did we come up with this number? Each episode is 22 minutes. Season 1 has 11 episodes, Season 2 has ten, and Season 3 has one so far.)

Fans are uploading mirrors for people who can’t watch in their country. To watch the episode on a mirror click here. Another link is here with the password aprilfools. And this link includes subtitles. (Note: These links may stop working.)

Here are videos you can watch of the new premiere episode, for as long as they work, in case Adult Swim’s livestream goes down:

And here’s another one:

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And another here.

Here’s another video at this link, but it’s slightly out of order. The beginning of the new episode begins at the 13:00 mark.

If you’re wondering when the rest of Season 3 will return, the show announced on Facebook that it’s returning this summer. Fans agree, this is the best “April Fool’s joke” ever.

(Facebook/Rick & Morty)

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