‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale: Live Recap & Review [SPOILERS]

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Tonight is “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life,” the finale episode for Season 7 of The Walking Dead. This will definitely be a huge episode and we’ll likely see some characters that we’ve grown fond of die. A big battle is brewing between Rick’s group and Negan’s Saviors. It looks like the Kingdom and the Junkyard group are on Rick’s side, but a little birdie might be cluing Negan in on Rick’s plans.

At the end of last week’s episode, Sasha had gotten a poisoned pill from Eugene in case she wanted to commit suicide. Dwight showed up at Alexandria, wanting to be a turncoat so he could help kill Negan. Rick’s group took all of Oceanside’s guns, and Tara was OK with that. Gregory had left to visit an unknown location, after apologizing to Maggie for the tension between them. But during that apology, he also briefly looked like he wanted to kill her with a knife.

This post will have spoilers through the Season 7 finale. We will be updating this post with a recap and review of the show live as it airs. So keep coming back for more details about what happens tonight.

The finale begins with Sasha listening to music on headphones and then falling asleep. It’s unclear at this point if she took the pill or what happened. The show cut to the intro immediately after.

The show returns to her listening to music again and saying, “Hey darling, wake up.” She wakes up to Abraham saying that to her. It looks like we’re in a flashback or a dream of some sort. But then, Abraham is telling her there’s something wrong with Maggie’s baby and they’re going to Hilltop. Sasha asks him not to go.

Next, Sasha’s waking up to Negan opening the door to her cell. “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, Sasha. You are going to help make sure things get back on track tonight.” He’s brought her food. He says no one wants to watch her die, but someone has to die, even if it’s not her. “A couple others tops,” he says, “but not you and not most people.”

He’s brought her pancakes with a smiley face on them.

Next, we’re at a flashback with Sasha and Maggie. That’s it, and we cut away with no dialogue. It was unsettling.

Then we’re in a scene with Daryl and Dwight and Rick. Dwight is telling Rick he wants Negan dead. “It can’t just be me. They’re all Negan.”

Tara tells him the girl he murdered had a name: Denise. That’s right, why would they trust Dwight?

Daryl wants to kill Dwight. “I’m sorry,” Dwight says. Rick points out that Dwight might just be there to see if Daryl’s there and report back to Negan. But Dwight said he’s not owned anymore. He was doing what he did for someone else, and she got away. (He’s talking about his wife.)

“So are you because of her,” he tells Daryl, indicating that Daryl also is free only because of Dwight’s wife and how she helped Daryl escape.

Tara wants Daryl to kill Dwight, but Dwight is saying they can stop Negan together.

“You know I’m not lying,” Dwight says in a very tense scene. Rick doesn’t step in. He’s letting Daryl make his own decision on this, apparently.

Daryl doesn’t kill Dwight. Rosita tells them that the Saviors have Sasha. This complicates things.

Dwight tells the group that Negan is coming soon, tomorrow, with 20 Saviors minimum. “I can slow them down… Buy a little time for you guys to get ready. If you can take them out, that’s where we start. You kill them, I radio back to the Sanctuary where Negan lives and say everything’s OK.”

Dwight tells them the rest of his plan. Then they’d drive the trucks back, he’d lead them inside the Sanctuary, and they’d kill off the rest. They’d get the workers on their side and go from outpost to outpost, ending the Negan reign, he suggests.

They let Dwight go. It’s unclear how they know they can trust him, but they let him go. Some fans are wondering why Daryl didn’t do something to Dwight. After everything Dwight did, it seems like Daryl should have hurt him in some way. But he didn’t, and now their entire future is in Dwight’s hands.

Then we return to Sasha listening to music. She flashes back to Abraham, where they’re talking. She said she had a dream that he died. Then she’s back with Negan, telling her “That’s the plan.” He said they would stand down, Lucille would “get her three,” and that would be it. Sasha says she can do it, but no one has to die. Negan says they must have punishment. It’s unclear what’s happening, but whatever Negan’s plan is, it must be terrifying.

Negan negotiates and says he’ll kill only one, not three. Sasha: “OK. Just one person has to die.”

This is a chilling scene. And fans are wondering with all the weird Sasha moments, will she be the one who dies?

Now we flash to a scene of Sasha sitting with Maggie. No words.

Next, in a “real” scene, Maggie is telling Jesus and Enid that Rick wants them to stay there. But she’s thinking about leading the Hilltop to fight, because Rick doesn’t know Gregory’s gone.

Maggie appears to be the leader now.

Enid takes a little girl out of the room. It’s unclear who it is, but fans think this is Judith. However, this really doesn’t look like Judith — she’s too old, isn’t she?

Now we’re at the Kingdom. Morgan was planning to ambush them alone, he tells Carol. Carol said if they find out, they’ll lose their advantage. Ezekiel has words with Morgan. Morgan says he’s stuck, and yes he wants the Saviors dead. Ezekiel tells him to accompany him to achieve that. They talk about Benjamin (he’s wearing Benjamin’s armor). Morgan finally agrees to join the Kingdom in the fight and not go alone. We see them heading out, with Shiva in the group looking ferocious.

After the commercial, the show returns. The Junkyard group is arriving on bicycles and with dump trucks. There are a lot of them coming to this fight. Jadis asks, “What do you fight for? … We take, we don’t bother. Our way.”

Jadis asks Michonne if she cares if she sleeps with Rick after the fight (essentially to confirm they’re a couple.) Michonne just says, “We should get back to work.” That was a much-needed moment of levity.

Now we cut to Aaron, Rosita, and Daryl making explosives.

Next, Negan and Simon have been stopped by trees in the road, just like Dwight said he’d do. Eugene wants to know if he can go and attempt to “slow their jets.”

Then we cut to another blockade being set up. This is a blockade of cars in the middle of the road. We see Michonne on the wall of Alexandria, with guns, getting ready with the help of a member of the Junkyard. “We win,” the woman says. The way she says it is kind of creepy. But then again, most of what the Junkyard group does is creepy in its own special way.

Fans are wondering at this point if they can really trust the Junkyard group. Their motto is “we take, we don’t bother.” How does helping Rick’s group fit into that?

We return from the commercial to Sasha listening to music again. “You know what’s gonna happen, how this is gonna end,” she says, right before Abraham says it to her in a dream/flashback. It’s really not looking good for Sasha, the way they’re portraying her.

Abraham asks, “How did I die?” Now we know this is a dream. But she’s telling him he died at the beach, getting pulled under, and she couldn’t find him. Then she started to drown. Strange, she’s not saying the real way he died in this dream. (But if you recall in the previous scene, Sasha was telling Abraham she dreamed that he died. So now she’s retelling that dream.) She’s trying to convince him not to leave and help Maggie. It looks like this is a flashback.

Now we’re back to Sasha and Eugene talking. Then we flash to Sasha and Maggie sitting together. “Why are we here?” Sasha asks. “For this,” Maggie says.

Now we’re back at Alexandria. Rick tells Rosita to get into position. A group of them are all positioned on the wall.

Eugene arrives with the convoy. He says every point is covered. He says he’s hoping they heed his advice, they have no options except to do what he says or die. “Will you comply Rick?”

There’s a long pause.

“Where’s Negan?” Rick asks.

“I’m Negan,” Eugene says.

Rosita is standing at the gate, waiting for her signal. She has a remote in her hands. Despite Eugene standing right there, Rick gives her the signal. She hits the button and nothing happens.

Jadis stands and holds a gun on Rick. Suddenly, the entire Junkyard gang has turned on them. One of them opens the gate. Negan and Dwight exit the car and all of the Saviors are here.

The Junkyard group have guns on all of Rick’s people, and Negan’s here. This is terrifying.

Michonne turns to find the blonde woman with a gun on her. “We win,” she says.

After the commercial break, we’re back. Things are looking very, very bad.

Negan looks up at Rick, satisfied and happy. “Did you ever hear the one about the stupid little prick named Rick?” he asks.

Rick says no one is dropping any guns. Jadis explains her group’s actions: they simply made a better deal.

“You pushed me and you pushed me and you pushed me,” Negan said to Rick. “You just tried to blow us up.” He said he couldn’t believe Rick would try to do that to Eugene. “You people are animals,” Negan said.

Negan calls for Dwight and Simon. They unwrap a giant casket — very shiny and nice looking.

They stand the casket upright. “So you don’t like Eugene anymore. You guys gotta like Sasha,” Negan said. He knocks on the casket and said she’s in there, alive and well. He said he brought her so he didn’t have to kill them all.

“I want all the guns you managed to scrape up… I want every last grain of lemonade you’ve got left,” he said. And he tells Rick to choose a person for Lucille. And, he adds, he has to take Daryl back. “And the pool table,” he said. “…And I want it now or Sasha dies, and then all of you, probably.”

The scene is horrifying and incredibly tense. Negan is holding all the cards. But what about the Kingdom? And Maggie?

Negan says he doesn’t want to kill Sasha. Rick wants to see Sasha. Negan knocks on the casket. We see Sasha inside, listening to music. “It felt real,” she’s saying to Abraham. “Like we lost this. And this just started.”

Abraham kisses her. It’s tough to tell if this is a dream, a flashback that she’s remembering while in the casket, or a little of both. It’s a welcome, serene place away from the violence, death, and pain.

Abraham is telling Sasha there’s no way she really wants Maggie to take care of Maggie. “It’s always for someone else,” he tells her. “If we’re going to kick, there sure as hell better be a point to it. So maybe we feel there was a point to all of this… Maggie, she’s carrying the future.”

It seems that her conversation with Abraham may have inspired her current choices, and that’s why she’s leaning on this moment.

Eugene’s walking Sasha outside. He tells her it may take a few hours to get there. He gives her the iPod she was listening to. Negan told her she didn’t have to take the trip in the casket, but she insisted, as long as she had the bottle of water with her. “I know how tough this is,” Negan tells her, “And I appreciate it.”

Sasha’s in the casket, listening to music. She takes the pill.

Sasha is going to die. :(

Negan is knocking on the casket. He opens it and Sasha in walker form attacks him. Carl begins firing and everyone follows his lead. We see Rosita get hit and Tara runs her into Alexandria for help.

Jadis has a gun on Rick.

One of the Saviors pulls Sasha off Negan, and Zombie Sasha kills the Savior.

Jadis shoots Rick and kicks him off the wall.

We return from a commercial break. Rick is alive and somehow walking, and Jadis has a gun on him. We see bodies all over the ground. It looks like maybe people from Alexandria. All of Rick’s people have guns on them and have been taken under control. There’s no more fight.

Michonne won her fight with the Junkyard woman.

Jadis makes Rick get on his knees next to Negan.

Jadis to Negan: “The deal is for 12, yes?” Negan says, “Ten, people are a resource.” In her great negotiating capabilities, Jadis agrees to 10.

Negan tells Rick he’s going to wish he was dead and he’s not just the guy who makes his kid spaghetti. Negan says this may be “all on me” and he has to start over. “If I had a kid I’d want him to be just like your kid, which makes this so much harder.”

Carl tells Negan he’s not going to win, but Negan tells him it’s all over.

Turns out, Michonne’s fight isn’t over quite yet. She’s in a very bad position after all.

Rick hears someone screaming. “Wow,” Negan said, “You just lost somebody important to you, just now.”

Negan tells Rick he’s going to kill Carl and then he’s going to take both of Rick’s hands.

Rick said he’s going to kill them all someday. “Nothing is going to change that,” Rick says. “You’re all already dead.”

Negan laughs. “Damn. Wow Rick. Ok.”

Before Negan can swing his bat and kill Carl, there is an amazing scene and Shiva takes out a Savior right behind him. It is EPIC. We’ve been waiting for this moment.

The Kingdom has arrived.

The music is epic.

Maggie arrives with her team too. The fight is on.

We see Shiva taking out another Savior, right where Negan was standing. .

Morgan kills someone who was going to attack Rick.

The battle is intense.

Someone sends up a flare.

Other people are throwing tear gas canisters, it appears.

People are fleeing Alexandria. They’re falling back.

Ezekiel yells, “Now we finish this!” He runs off with Carol at his side, because Carol will always pick the most epic side every time. (Even if the side is by herself — remember Terminus?)

They close the gates.

It looks like some Junkyard people are climbing over the gate to escape. Daryl climbs the gate and looks over the side. Everyone is gone.

But could it really be over?

Rick finds the woman Michonne was fighting on the ground, dead. Michonne is in the house, covered in blood, but still alive. They hug, with Carl watching.

This battle was EPIC. The parts with Shiva were probably among the best. When he leapt onto the screen behind Negan, that was an amazing moment in the show’s history.

After the commercial, Dwight is with Negan and Eugene back at the Sanctuary. Negan asks Eugene how Sasha wound up dead in the box. Eugene says she ran out of air. There’s a tense moment as Negan stares him down. “Maybe.”

He steps away.

A huge group of Saviors are gathered. “We are going to war!,” Negan shouts. They shout back in agreement.

Now we’re back at Alexandria. Maggie and Rick are talking while we see clips of all of Rick’s people. Rick says Maggie made the right decision. She said the decision was made a long time ago. We see Jesus having to kill Sasha-As-A-Walker, while Maggie cries at the sight.

This has been a hard season for Maggie.

“You were in trouble. You were trapped. Glenn didn’t know you but he helped you. He put himself in danger for you, and that started it all,” Maggie tells Rick. (Did you get teary-eyed at that part?)

We see Carol sitting with Morgan, quietly.

Daryl is at the gate. He finds a small statue of a soldier and someone wrote on the back, “Didn’t know.” Was this statue left by Dwight?

Tara is with Rosita, taking care of her. Michonne is with Rick, recovering.

Ezekiel is addressing a crowd with Shiva at his side. Rick and Maggie are with him too.

Then we see Maggie and Sasha sitting side-by-side.

Everything good that has happened, decisions to love and live and fight for each other, started with Glenn’s decision to help Rick.

Maggie is holding a watch at the end. It’s the watch that first belonged to her dad, and then to Glenn.

“I was just following his lead.”

The episode cuts out and ends.

This was truly an amazing episode. From fear to amazement to sadness mixed with joy. The speech Maggie gave really tied the entire season and the entire series together. It was perfect.

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