Jennifer Morrison Leaving ‘Once Upon a Time’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Morrison at the Tribeca Film Festival

Jennifer Morrison. (Getty)

Actress Jennifer Morrison is leaving Once Upon A Time. She released the following statement about her departure from the popular ABC show on her Instagram page on Monday morning.

Morrison has been a staple on the show from the very beginning. She has played the role of Emma Swan, the show’s protagonist, for six seasons. Fans have watched her character transform from a typical mom living in New York to “the savior” in a small town called Storybrooke.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Her Role on ‘OUAT’ ‘Changed Her Life’

Jennifer Morrison attends Bloomingdale's 59th Street Store

Jennifer Morrison. (Getty)

Morrison’s announcement was short and sweet. In her statement, she said that being on Once Upon A Time “changed her life.”

“As I reached the end of my 6 year contract on ONCE UPON A TIME, I was faced with a significant decision. ABC, Eddy Kitsis, and Adam Horowitz very generously invited me to continue as a series regular. After very careful consideration, I have decided that creatively and personally, it is time for me to move on. Emma Swan is one my favorite characters that I have ever played. My 6 years on ONCE UPON A TIME has changed my life in the most beautiful ways. I am absolutely blown away by the passion and commitment of the Oncer fans. I am so honored to have been a central part of such a special show. I will be forever grateful to Adam, Eddy, and ABC for giving me the gift of playing Emma Swan. As I move on to other creative endeavors, I will continue to attend the fan conventions whenever my professional schedule allows. I always look forward meeting the fans. If ABC Network does in fact order a season 7, I have agreed to appear in one episode, and I will most certainly continue to watch ONCE UPON A TIME. The creativity of the show runners has always inspired me, and I cannot wait to see the ways that they continue to develop and reinvent the show. #Onceuponatime #EmmaSwan #UglyDucklings.”

2. Show Creators Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz Released a Statement About Her Exit

Jennifer Morrison attends the Art Of Elysium "Heaven" Gala 2011


Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had nothing but wonderful things to say about Morrison following her decision to leave the show. The two even hinted that Morrison might make a guest appearance of sorts, if the show is renewed for an additional season.

“The past six years of collaborating with Jennifer as Emma Swan have been truly magical. Watching her breathe life into Emma, she accomplished more than we could have dreamed possible — she gave life to a brand-new Disney Princess, filled with strength and intelligence and an incredible closet full of red leather jackets. We’ll miss seeing her every day, but her imprint upon Once Upon a Time is indelible. She will always be a part of the show and its heart and soul. That said, just because Jennifer won’t be back every week doesn’t mean we won’t see our savior again.”

3. She Is Currently Filming the Lead Role in a Film Called ‘Back Roads’

Jennifer Morrison attends the 40th American Music Awards


Morrison is portraying the role of Callie Mercer in the film Back Roads. The film is based on the novel by the same name, written by Tawni O’Dell. The thriller has not been given an official release date.

Morrison recently filmed Sun Dogs — a movie that she directed. The film is slated for release later this year.

The actress also recently finished filming All Creatures Here Below, which will be released sometime in 2017.

4. There Was Chatter About Her Leaving as Early as February

Jennifer Morrison arrives at the premiere of Paramount Pictures' "Star Trek


Hints that Morrison might leave OUAT started back in February.

“I will never walk away entirely, but I have been owned for the last 13 years of my life so it will be a variation of me being here because I want to be here, because I will always be there for Eddy and Adam, but probably without being owned. I love them and I owe such a wonderful part of my life to them, and I love Emma and I love the show, so I will find a way to be here — it just needs to be in a way where I also have a life,” Morrison told Entertainment Weekly a few months back.

5. ‘OUAT’ Has Not Been Renewed Yet

Once Upon a Time cast films a scene

Some of the ‘OUAT’ cast on set. (ABC)

There has been a lot of chatter about Season 6 being the end for the popular Disney-inspired TV show. If the beloved OUAT does come to an end, both Kitsis and Horowitz have said that there will indeed be closure.

“We understand that this could be the last year. We feel like we completed this story and the next chapter of Once Upon a Time will be completely different,” Kitsis previously told Entertainment Weekly.

“By the end of the season finale, a lot of what we’ve been doing for the last six years is wrapped up, and we hope in a very satisfying way. Then, we move forward in a way that, at the end of it, hopefully you’ll see what we’re hoping to do in season 7,” Horowitz added.

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