‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere: Meet the Cast of the New Season on Showtime

Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Cooper

Tonight Showtime is premiering the return of Twin Peaks, after a nearly 25-year hiatus. The season will be 18 episodes long, with the first two episodes airing tonight. Showtime will make Episodes 3 and 4 available immediately after the premiere episodes air, on its digital platform. It will then air the two episodes in a two-hour block next week, before returning to a one-episode-a-week schedule.

Kyle MacLachlan is revising his role as Special Agent Dale Cooper. His character was a fan favorite and, many feel, their favorite character that Kyle has played. When we last saw Agent Cooper, he had followed the call of an owl and found a pool of oil in a circle of trees. He uses the oil to cause the red curtains to appear, and he steps into the red-curtained room. It was identical to what he saw in his dreams. It's the Black Lodge. Cooper has a lot of strange encounters in the Lodge, including seeing Laura Palmer who tells him that she'll see him again in 25 years. Later, Windom Earle tells Cooper that if Cooper gives him h is soul, he'll let Annie live. Cooper immediately says yes and Windom stabs him. But then time rewinds and Bob takes control of Windom and says he can't ask for Cooper's soul. He says he'll take Windom's soul instead, and fire bursts from Windom. At this point, Cooper met his doppelganger in the Black Lodge. At the end of the finale, when Cooper woke up at the Great Northern Hotel after returning to the "real world" with Annie, he enters the bathroom and it's revealed that Bob is now inhabiting him. He beats his face into a mirror and we see Bob in his reflection. Now Cooper is back, 25 years later, and we don't know if he will be himself or if he will still be overtaken by Bob.

Click through the gallery to see more stars from the Showtime series. With more than 200 cast members, this is just a taste of who you can expect to see. (Note: This post may have some spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2.)

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