Chester Bennington’s Wife’s Twitter Account Possibly Hacked

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Chester Bennington’s wife Talinda’s Twitter may have been hacked following his tragic death. On Thursday night, strange messages appeared on her account. Within minutes, the first three odd tweets had been deleted. A short while later, a fourth tweet showed up and was almost immediately deleted. About 30 minutes later, a fifth tweet was posted.

Many fans of Bennington had been keeping a close eye on Talinda’s social media accounts, wondering if she would post anything about her husband’s passing. The tweets that were posted, however, weren’t anything like what most people expected. In the first tweet, “Talinda” suggested that her husband didn’t commit suicide. The tweet said that she “had proof” that he was already “dead” (though it was spelled “did”).

You can see that tweet below.


Talinda Bentley Twitter

Another tweet posted seconds later was also disturbing. It said that Talinda had been cheating on Chester with Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda.

Talinda Bentley Twitter

A‌ third tweet was posted about 10 minutes later. In that tweet, claims that Talinda “never really loved” Chester were made. The tweet read, “I just was in love with the money.” Check it out below.

Chester Bennington wife Twitter

‌After the tweets above were deleted, a fourth tweet appeared on Talinda’s account. It was deleted within seconds. You can see it below.

Talinda Bentley Twitter

A fifth tweet followed.

Chester Bennington's wife Twitter

Twitter is buzzing following these bizarre tweets, most people figuring (and hoping) that someone hacked Talinda’s account. Since the tweets were deleted so quickly, it seems like this may be the case. If so, it is possible that Twitter will shut Talinda’s account down, at least temporarily, since these messages seem to keep popping up.

If Talinda’s Twitter account was hacked, this wouldn’t be the first time that she faced such a violation of privacy. Back in 2007, a woman named Devon Townsend pleaded guilty to cyber-stalking charges after she “used government computers to access the e-mail accounts of Bennington and his wife, Talinda,” PC World reports.

“By secretly monitoring the Benningtons’ private e-mail correspondence I was also able to learn private passwords assigned to the Benningtons which allowed me to access other restricted information on the Internet. For example, using the Benningtons’ assigned password I was able to access and download copies of the Benningtons’ wedding pictures from the Benningtons’ wedding photographer’s Website,” Townsend said in court documents.

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