Qyburn on ‘Game of Thrones’: A Storyline Recap

Qyburn played a crucial role in Game of Thrones Season 6, and it’s likely that he will still be playing a significant role this season as Queen Cersei’s Hand of the Queen. In case you’ve forgotten some details about Qyburn, here’s a look back on his storyline in Game of Thrones.

At the very end of Season 6, Qyburn played a key role in killing Pycelle. He lured the old man into the underground tunnels and set his “little birds” to stab Pycelle to death. His little birds, in fact, were originally Varys’, but Qyburn got them to work for him instead. Before, Qyburn was the one who somehow brought The Mountain, aka Gregor Clegane, back to life. And at the very end of Season 6, when Cersei took the throne, Qyburn was standing beside her wearing a “Hand of the King” pin.

But there’s so much more to Qyburn in addition to the last things he did. Here’s a detailed breakdown.

Qyburn is an ex-maester who appears harmless on the outside, but he’s actually one of the most dangerous characters on the show. When he was first seen in Season 3, Qyburn was the only survivor from a prisoner massacre at Harrenhal. He claimed to be stunned at how lucky he was to survive, but now fans have to wonder if it really was luck at all. Here’s a video of his first appearance:

Game Of Thrones Season 3 – Roose Bolton Scenefor /tv/ I claim no rights for this video.2013-04-01T18:53:51.000Z

He’s a genius who studied at the Citadel and learned a great many secrets there including, possibly, the secret to reviving someone after death. But he used dark means to get that knowledge. But he was expelled for doing things that were unnatural.

Game of Thrones 3×07: Jaime and Qyburn: How many lives have you saved?Qyburn asks Jaime how many men he saved? Jaime answers half a million (A reference to him to killing the Mad King and saving Kings Landing) Season 3, Episode 7: The Bear and the Maiden Fair Backup channel: youtube.com/channel/UCh02kC-w7Huo39euv9L4lUQ/videos2013-05-13T07:37:28.000Z

After Gregor Clegane was poisoned in his match with Oberyn, he should have died. But now, thanks to some tricks that Qyburn had at his disposal, The Mountain is alive. (At least, sort of.) There are hints that his face is grossly disfigured and he’s terrifying to look at. And since all he does is obey without speaking, he may no longer have independent will and thought. (Unless what Qyburn said is true, and he really did take a vow of silence until all the kingdom’s enemies are gone.) But one way or another he’s alive, either because Qyburn cured him or resurrected him.

We only know of two beings that can create resurrections. The Night King can raise wights in the form of frozen zombie-like creatures. And the Lord of Light can use priests and priestesses to raise people, like Beric Dondarrion and Jon Snow. If Qyburn can do this too, he is likely drawing on one of those powers. More than likely, he’s drawing on the power of The Other.

Trying To Save Gregor After The Trial By Combatcercei wants the maester to try and save ser gregor clegane from death after he was poisoned during the battle with the red viper of dorne2014-06-17T11:27:02.000Z

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Of course, Qyburn might have only saved the Mountain’s life, not resurrected him. Either way, he warned Cersei that the process he used to save Gregor might “change him,” and Cersei said that as long as he kept his strength, that was fine.

From a lone survivor to Hand of the Queen, Qyburn has risen the ranks quickly.

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