Rarri True Disses Rob Kardashian On Instagram Live

Rarri True Instagram


As the legal repercussions of Rob Kardashian‘s revenge porn unfolded on Monday, Blac Chyna‘s alleged side piece Rarri True took to Instagram Live to lay claim to what’s his.

True (born DeJanel Carter) hopped on Instagram live within hours of Kardashian and Chyna’s court hearing and decided to tell his side of the story. “I got a letter from [Chyna’s attorney] Lisa Bloom talking crazy,” he said, “This sh*t flipped a n***a upside down, man. I said, good luck. Whatever man.” Based on the screenshot below, it appears that Kardashian was tuned into the video feed.


It was evident that True was unhappy with the legal red tape between the former couple, and feels that it is mainly Kardashian’s fault: “That dude is trying to keep us as far away from each other as much as possible, and it ain’t gonna happen. When all this s**t is over, I’ma smoke the sh*t out of some weed. Chyna is supposed to be my girl. I’m kind of hurt by this, too. I just got caught in the crossfire.”

This, of course, is after True posted a photo of himself lying in Kardashian’s bed, which was intended to rile up Kardashian during his social media attack.

Despite these recent developments, True admits that he would like to continue dating Chyna after everything is said and done. “Chyna is something special, man. Chyna does a lot for me,” he explained, “She gave me some sh*t for my skin and that’s why it’s so smooth. I want the world to know I really like Chyna. Me and Chyna are cute together.” For a refresher on what Kardashian thinks of True, check out his original Instagram post below.

Rob Kardashian Instagram


As for Kardashian, the father of Chyna’s daughter Dream, he doesn’t hesitate to openly diss him. “Rob said I was in his bed. That’s my bed. I tried to warn his a*s. You pay, I lay. Period. He tried to clown me. Talking about, that’s his robe. Why you lying boy? You’re a good guy, Rob. Don’t be like that, It’s not in your character kid.”

Some may be confused by True’s unkind words, especially after TMZ released footage of the rapper calling Kardashian “a good guy.” He played also played coy when asked about his relationship with Chyna, and diverting all other questions to her, but its become very clear where he now stands now. Watch it below.

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