Who Was the Girl Next to Walder Frey on the ‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere? [SPOILERS]


Who was the girl standing next to Walder Frey during the beginning of the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere? Find out all the details you need to know below.

This post has MAJOR spoilers through the Game of Thrones premiere for Season 7. 

In the opening of Season 7 Episode 1 of Game of Thrones, a scene that fans will be talking about for a long time took everyone’s breath away. All the Freys were gathered in one place, toasting to the Red Wedding at Walder Frey’s behest. But then, they all started choking. And dying.

That’s when we learned that Arya was disguised as Walder Frey and had just killed everyone!

Well, everyone but one person. There was one girl that she let survive. When she was disguised as Walder, she told the girl that she wasn’t allowed to drink wine because she was a woman. It sounded mean at first, but it turns out that’s the only reason she’s not dead.

The girl who lived — the only survivor of that Frey massacre — is Frey’s youngest (and ninth) wife.

Kitty Frey

HBOKitty Frey in Season 6.

Her name is Kitty Frey, and we last saw her in Season 6 when she was standing uncomfortably next to Walder while he chewed out his sons, Lothar and Black Walder, for letting Brynden Tully take back Riverrun. Walder slapped Kitty on the rear at one point and said that he would put her in charge if he wanted excuses. He also pulls her onto his lap and she obviously doesn’t like being there.

Walder married Kitty after his eighth wife died at the Red Wedding.

After Arya kills everyone, she leaves Kitty with a message. She tells her to tell everyone that the North remembers and winter has come.

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Lady Kitty Frey is played by a talented young actress called Lucy Hayes.

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