Ashley Nicole Roberts’ Husband Philip Wheeler & Wedding on ‘WAGS: Miami’

This season on WAGS: Miami, Ashley Nicole Roberts and fiancee (now husband) Philip Wheeler are getting ready for their wedding. And, don’t think that there’s not a ton of drama surrounding the nuptials.

The couple tied the knot in a beachside wedding in Curacao on Sunday, May 14, 2017. Robert gushed about the wedding to Us Weekly, saying:

I really wanted to pick a place that no one I knew had been before … so it would be an experience not just for me and Phil, but for everyone. The island is close to Aruba, but closer to Venezuela and South America and it’s only a two-hour flight from Miami. It was perfect.

Take a look at photos from the couple’s nuptials below.

After the couple got married, Roberts posted the following message about her man on Instagram:

On May 14, 2017 I married my king. From the very first day I met him, I knew one day he would be my husband. (Cliché, but true) It wasn’t until this one day that I realized what that really meant. Aside from my relationship with God, my priority is now my husband. While I’ll always love my friends and family, my loyalty, security, support, love, etc is is God’s first and then his… I really feel that becoming a wife does change things however, I don’t feel like I’ve “made it” because I’m a wife… I feel like I am in a transition phase and this new responsibility is pushing me towards being the woman that He wants me to be. I love Phil because he loves the woman I am now but even more so because he pushes me to grow, evolve and be better. Life is not so much about who has been there or who you are since day one… life is more about evolving into who you’re gonna be one day…

Roberts met Philip Wheeler, a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, years ago when he was playing football for the Colts. And, not only is Roberts a model, she has also been an active member of the ARMY Reserve, so she’s a tough woman.

The couple actually got engaged at the Versace Mansion during a November 2016 episode of WAGS: Miami. They have one son together.

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