Daenerys & Jon Snow In Love: The Best Ship Memes & Photos


Are Daenerys and Jon Snow finally in love? Fans are ecstatic about this potential pairing and even people who don’t normally “ship” couples are falling hard for this pair. Here are some of the best photos and ship memes about this potential power couple — a moment of appreciation for what may be to come.

This article has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones. 

Don’t read on unless you’ve already seen the episode.

Photos of Jon and Dany

First, let’s revisit their best moments in the episode.

Just look at the look on Dany’s face when she finds Jon and is ready to save him. She’s so relieved that she found him alive.



But then Jon went right back into the thick of the fight, trying to spear the Night King in a scene reminiscent of when Jamie tried to kill Dany. Neither had much of a chance, but they saw their one shot to end the war. And just like Jamie, Jon was pushed into the water and appeared to drown.

Was Dany waiting for Jon to come back after the battle, hoping that he would somehow still show up alive? Fans think she was. But then when she came into his room on the boat and saw his wounds, and what he had gone through but wouldn’t talk about… Well, that changed everything. He didn’t tell her what happened to him. He just wanted her to know that she was special. But he has sacrificed so much, and like a true hero he doesn’t even talk about it.

The look on her face said everything. Later she came back when he was awake, and the scene between them was powerful.

He’s one of the only people that she allows to see her true emotions.


And he’s one of the only people who can comfort her.


They both apologized to each other. He for convincing her to come and the terrible price that she paid. She apologized for her arrogance. And they made promises to each other. She would help him, and he would bend the knee.


The looks they exchange are amazing. Dany believes she doesn’t deserve Jon’s fealty, after seeing what he has gone through for his people. Jon assures her that she does.


And Jon see who Dany really is and falls in love with her.


And just in case you couldn’t understand what they said to each other near the end of their conversation, it was this:

Jon said to Dany: “They will come to see you for what you are.”

And Dany replied to Jon: “I hope I deserve it.”

Jon said in response to that. “You do.”

Fans are ecstatic about this pairing.

Jon and Dany Memes

And of course, fans are sharing their excitement in celebratory memes.

How about that moment when Jon called Daenerys “Dany”?

Yeah, they’re related, but fans are ignoring that part.

Well, not everyone:

And even from their parting last week, it was impossible not to ship them.

And Jon has seen Dany’s heart, and all she has sacrificed… Now he will bend the knee. He knows she is a true ruler with a good heart.

So now it’s just a matter of time. Fans are ready for them to be married and live happily ever after.