Why Didn’t Jon Snow Tell Daenerys He Had Died on ‘Game of Thrones’?

There was one question about Game of Thrones that was bothering fans after they watch Season 7 Episode 3. Why didn’t anyone want Daenerys to know that Jon Snow died? Everyone is trying really hard to avoid letting that piece of information slip. But it seems really important to his story, and it’s likely something she would want to know.

It’s unclear exactly why they’re hiding this from Dany, but fans have a few theories.

First, things are already pretty awkward between Jon and Daenerys, and she’s already doubtful about the White Walker/undead story. Is she really very likely to believe that Jon Snow died and was resurrected on top of all of that?

Not to mention, if Jon is wanting to fight the undead, doesn’t being resurrected make him an “undead” too? We already know that Jon is uncomfortable with the whole idea of being resurrected. He even told Melisandre not to do it again. He’s seemed unsure of himself at times, especially when that miracle comes up. Maybe he feels guilty about being brought back to life when he knows so many other people (like Robb Stark) who weren’t. Or maybe he’s unsure about how it’s changing his nature. George R. R. Martin has referred to Beric Dondarrion as losing part of himself after being resurrected so many times, and he’s called him a “fire wight.” So, in some way, their nature is different now. Maybe Jon’s not ready to get into that.

In addition, Dany is the one who has the claim to magic. She survived a fire that led to her dragons’ being born. Perhaps Jon’s claiming a miracle too would threaten her in some way and he senses that.

Finally, they simply don’t have proof. They have witnesses, but would Dany trust the witnesses? Without truth, the whole story might just make Dany distrust Jon even more and make forming an alliance even tougher than it already is. Maybe that’s why Jon seemed like he really wanted Davos to steer clear from telling Dany about the resurrection.

Which theory do you think is more likely? Or is there a different theory that you think accounts for Jon’s decision? Let us know in the comments below.