Can You Watch ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ on Netflix?

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Can you watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix? The new CBS series Star Trek: Discovery will broadcast part one of the premiere on CBS television, with part two airing immediately after on CBS All Access. After that, every episode will be premiered on CBS All Access on Sundays. But many fans have heard that the series will also be available on Netflix. Is this true? Only partially.

Yes, Star Trek: Discovery will be streamed on Netflix too — but only international viewers outside the United States can watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix. All U.S. viewers must watch through CBS All Access (learn how to stream the show in the U.S. in Heavy’s story here.)

CBS Studios International is concurrently debuting Discovery on Netflix in 188 countries outside of the U.S. (Viewers in Canada can see the series on Bell Media’s Space channel and on the OTT service CraveTV.)

According to the official Star Trek: Discovery Netflix account on Twitter, the show will begin streaming on Netflix (for viewers outside the U.S.) on Monday, Sept. 25 at 8 a.m. BST/9 a.m. CET.

Star Trek: Discovery takes place approximately 10 years before the events in Star Trek: The Original Series. It follows the crews of the USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery. From trailers, it appears the series will also heavily feature the Klingons. We’ll also see Sarek playing a role in the series, but don’t expect to see anyone from Enterprise — most of the characters (except perhaps T’Pol) will be long gone by the time the events of Discovery begin in the Star Trek timeline.

See a trailer for Discovery below:

And here’s the trailer from Netflix:




I started to watch it but since I’ll only be able to watch the premiere I turned to the last ship. No sense watching or following it since I would have to pay. I figure it won’t last a full season with this pay to play format anyways so….

Aaron J McGavran

That’s just plain stupid for not letting people in the US watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix, I think that it might backfire on them. just MHO

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