Miss America 2018 Top 5 Contestant Finalists

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Tonight’s top 10 contestants had to answer two rounds of questions instead of just one round of questions. The contestants were then narrowed down to the top 7.

First up was Miss Louisiana and People Magazine’s Jess Cagle asked her to fill in the blank for something she thinks is “totally overrated” and she blanked before saying last-minute that rompers are overrated.

Next, singer Jordin Sparks asked Miss New Jersey to choose between an actor, doctor or movie star to date. She went with the doctor, saying that intelligence is so attractive in a man. Maria Menounos was the next judge to ask a question and she went with Miss DC, asking her if she would blow through a red light in the middle of the night if no one was around. She joked that she uses Uber in the middle of the night, so it’s their choice.

Country singer Thomas Rhett then had a question for Miss North Dakota. His question was to ask about her number 1 thing on her bucket list and she said that being in the top 10 of Miss America was it. Former Miss America Nina Davuluri then asked Miss Missouri about what she would call her own autobiography. Missouri’s reply had to do with her background in diversity. Miss Alabama was up next. Molly Sims asked her what she would do if show host Chris Harrison offered for her to be the next star of The Bachelorette. Alabama jokingly rejected the hypothetical offer. And finally, the 7th contestant …

Miss Texas was the last contestant to go through the first round of questioning. Judge Tara Lipinski asked her what categories could be for a hypothetical Mr. America Pageant. Texas joked about definitely having a swimsuit competition and she then asked host Chris Harrison if he would join in.

For the second round of questions, only 5 contestants are able to move on and complete this round.

Miss Missouri was the first person announced and Jordin Sparks was the judge who asked her a question. Sparks asked her her opinion on Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia. Missouri said that if evidence shows illegal actions, they should be punished accordingly. Next announced was Miss Texas and her designated judge was Jess Cagle, who asked her about the Charlottesville attack. Texas was firm in her response, almost scolding President Trump and saying the act was a terrorist act.

Miss North Dakota was revealed as being in the top 5 next. Maria Menounos asked her about climate change and North Dakota believed that our government’s position on the issue is incorrect. Miss New Jersey was then announced as being part of the top 5. Tara Lipinski asked Miss New Jersey about whether or not to keep confederate statues. New Jersey said we need to honor our history as Americans.

And the final contestant in the top 5 was Miss District of Columbia. Singer Thomas Rhett asked her about eliminating full contact football in school. Miss DC stressed keeping children safe.

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