‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Episode 3 Spoilers & Recap

BEWARE: Spoilers ahead!

Last week’s premiere was just as we’d all expected: extremely and almost-unbearably dramatic.

If you missed it, or are looking for a refresher heading into tonight’s third episode, look no further. We’ve got a full recap of what went down last week, as well as what you can expect from tonight’s show.

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Last week’s premiere revolved heavily around Megan, who has returned after being gone for ten years. When Nathan and Megan see one another for the first time, they hug and Nathan apologizes. Megan then tells him that she took some shrapnel to the stomach last season and wasn’t able to heal correctly. She eventually drops another bomb: that she has to get back to Iraq because she has a son back there. She took in a young boy, Farouk, when he was just four, and she’s eager to get back to him.

Meanwhile, Arizona goes to Minnick’s apartment to check in on her (since she’s been fired and all), only to find that she’s gone, and hasn’t left a note. Rude. She hasn’t even texted Arizona. Even ruder. Arizona decides to go to a bar, where she meets a sexy brunette named Carina. The two go back to Carina’s place, where we awkwardly learn that she’s DeLuca’s sister. Impending romance? We think so.

Life in Owen’s world is growing even more complicated. Teddy (for those who remember her) went on military duty after her husband died, but it’s clear that feelings are still there. Owen makes a move later on in the episode, and tells her that Amelia doesn’t want to be married anymore. Teddy stops him mid-kiss, though, and says that she doesn’t want their relationship to start in an affair.

Carina comes back later in the episode and we learn she’s an OB-GYN and is at Grey Sloan to ask Bailey if she can continue her study (essentially studying the role of pleasure in pain control for women) at the hospital. Bailey says “sure”.

Nathan proposes to Megan… for the second time. Before she has a chance to answer, Meredith awkwardly shows up to tell her they’ve got a donor and can do the surgery to fix her stomach and the shrapnel wound. Later that night, Nathan tells Meredith that Megan won’t marry him…  she thinks Nathan’s still in love with Meredith. Meredith doesn’t address the issue– in true Meredith Grey fashion, she just walks away.

The most passionate moment of the episode comes when Alex confessed to Jo that he found Paul, her ex. He says he wasn’t violent towards Paul, and the two pretty much rip one another’s clothes off.

One of the biggest shocks of the episode comes when Amelia participates in Carina’s masturbating study. Carina’s brain scan detects a huge tumor in Amelia’s head.


Things aren’t looking good for Jackson and April. Sarah Drew recently spoke to EW about their romance, and said, “They’ll never totally be out of each other’s lives. They’re going to be doing life together to some degree because of this child.” She added on that not living together may actually have a positive effect on their relationship.

And what about that brain tumor? We don’t know much, but we do know that Amelia’s going to try and keep it a secret for a while. Yes, that means she’s going to hide it from Owen. Speaking to EW recently, Kevin McKidd was asked if Amelia will survive surgery to remove her brain tumor. He responded, “I don’t think I should say anything about that… I don’t want to torture anyone, but that’s part of the fun of the show. I hate to be that person, but a brain surgery is a very, very serious surgery, and with a tumor this developed, it’s not an easy procedure, by any means.”

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