How Long Is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Tonight?

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AMC How long is Fear the Walking Dead tonight?

If you’re watching the Season 3 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, you may notice at some point that it’s lasting a little longer than you expected. Exactly how long is tonight’s finale?

Well, you’re actually going to be watching two back-to-back episodes for the season finale tonight: And even then, the back-to-back episodes are going to air a little longer than two hours. The total length of tonight’s mid-season finale is 2 hours. The episodes will end at 11:10 p.m. Eastern (10:10 p.m. Central.)

Here’s AMC’s synopsis for tonight’s episode:

Strand’s motives are made clear; Nick discovers a new threat; Madison faces a horrifying revelation.

It’s going to be an intense episode and fans are already wondering if we might lose another character tonight. After Travis’ and Jake’s deaths, it feels like anything is possible. And considering that The Walking Dead has a history of killing off fan favorites, there’s no reason to believe that anyone is truly safe on Fear the Walking Dead.

The synopsis is concerning. Will Strand betray Madison and Daniel? What new threat is Nick going to discover while he’s out adventuring with Troy? And what type of “horrifying revelation” could Madison possibly be facing? Interestingly, Alicia isn’t mentioned at all. Some fans are hoping that she’ll be the character who crosses over with The Walking Dead on a future season, showing her years down the road, free of Madison and perhaps reaching a Carol-level or Michonne-level of survivorship.

Here’s a preview for tonight’s episode:

Fear the Walking Dead: Next on: 'Things Bad Begun' Ep. 315Don't miss the two-hour season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Sunday, October 15 at 9/8c on AMC. #FearTWD #FeartheWalkingDead For more Fear the Walking Dead videos: Next On Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 15 Subscribe to the AMC YouTube Channel : Fear the Walking Dead: Sign Up for the…2017-10-09T02:01:10.000Z

Do you think anyone will die tonight? It looks like we’re in for quite a few twists and turns.

To read more about Fear the Walking Dead, see Heavy’s story below.

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