‘Shahs of Sunset’ Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid & Fiance Tommy Feight Still Getting Married

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Mercedes “MJ” Javid and her fiance Tommy Feight have proven that their relationship is real and that they are determined to get married. But, recently, the two showed the cracks in their connection on Shahs of Sunset. Javid has suffered some hardships over the past year, dealing with her father’s ailing health and personal road bumps. Javid is eager to have a baby with Feight, who has moved in with her, but when Feight pumps the brakes a bit, she becomes outraged.

Though the couple has a major blow out, they are reportedly still together and heading down the aisle. In an interview with E! News, MJ Javid explained:

We got engaged a year in and then we went through a lot of ups and downs with family and just a lot of life curveballs and it’s particularly going to be shown this season on the show. My dad took a turn for his health and honestly, we moved our residence, Tommy and I moved in together. All of these stressful things just made our bond even tighter and when you have so many important life things happening, you don’t pick fights with each other. You just want to stay sane and have as much gratitude and support for one another.

Currently, Javid is working with fitness trainer Craig Ramsay to lose weight and tone up for her wedding, as well as for a future of motherhood. She revealed:

I want to get healthy not just for the wedding, but also to be able to—God willing—try to get pregnant and chase some babies around a park.

She also told Entertainment Tonight:

I definitely need to shred, no matter what. Last year was a really tough year for me. I went through hell. I definitely wasn’t watching what I was eating or taking care of myself, so now I really pulled a 180. I’m really eating really clean, I’m not drinking as much alcohol … I just feel completely different. You know when they say from the inside out? I feel amazing. But, you know, it’s a long road.

As for any wedding details, Javid said that she expects to invite approximately 200 guests and keep the nuptials local. She also told Bravo that her wedding inspiration comes from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump. When it comes to decor, Javid says:

It’ll just feel like a beautiful celebration of love. Just like very cottage-y in a way. Like in a romantic—like if Lisa Vanderpump was an event planner, like that vibe. Lots of green leaves and like white roses and grass, and white table cloth.

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