Tokyo Ghoul Movie (2017): Is There an Ends Credits Scene?

Tokyo Ghoul

The newest live-action anime film is finally hitting theaters and surprisingly it might be one of the most faith adaptations to date. Based off a manga and anime of the same name, Tokyo Ghoul is set in the near future where the human population has been split into two factions, humans and ghouls. The latter are mutated people with red eyes that feast on human flesh to survive. Tokyo Ghoul’s main plot revolves around a student name Kaneki (Masataka Kobota) struggling to survive after an organ transplant accidentally transforms him into a ghoul. Hunted by professional ghoul killers, Kaneki is thrust into a dangerous and twisted world that will challenge his perception of humanity.

If you are looking to watch Tokyo Ghoul then it’s important to note that there is no post-credits scene of any kind. When the film ends that’s it for now, which might disappoint some since the film largely only follows the first half of Season One. There is no surprise cameo from Juuzou or any other character in the series so you can leave once the movie is over. Thankfully, there is also no cliffhanger ending as the story that would leave audiences waiting for more. This is a very isolated story that is open enough to leave room for a second movie, but also conclusive enough that it’s not reliant on a second film filling in the gaps.

For those that are still on the fence about seeing this movie we actually recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the manga or anime. While some sections have been cut down or entirely removed for the sake of time, Tokyo Ghoul is a rather enjoyable experience regardless. Given how films like Attack on Titan and Death Note failed to deliver big screen anime action, it’s nice to see this film succeed. Depending on how this film does it’s more than plausible that we get a sequel to this movie.

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