Tom Petty 911 Audio: Listen to His Wife’s Frantic Call

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Dana York, the wife of legendary musician Tom Petty, made a frantic call to 911 on Sunday when she discovered her husband was unresponsive on the floor at their home in Malibu, California.

In the raw audio, first obtained by TMZ, York sounds confused and distraught as she speaks with a dispatcher.

“My husband isn’t breathing,” York says.

The dispatcher asks if Petty, 66, is on the ground and if there’s any vomit in his mouth before instructing York to kneel next to his chest. The dispatcher then asks to speak with the other person in the room, an unidentified male who’s trying to perform CPR on Petty. The dispatcher provides instructions as to how to properly give CPR.

York eventually takes the phone back and the dispatcher instructs her how to perform the emergency procedure, but she says he appears to be subtly breathing at one point.

“He’s breathing,” she says. “I think he’s breathing. I can’t tell.”

Listen to the full 911 audio below:

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Earlier in the day, TMZ reported Petty was in “full cardiac arrest” and “clinging for his life” at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. When emergency personnel arrived at Petty’s home Sunday, they were reportedly unable to find a pulse and rushed him to the emergency room. However, Petty had “no brain activity” and was taken off life support Monday. A chaplain was called to Petty’s hospital room Monday afternoon, and the family has a “do not resuscitate order” on him, TMZ reports, adding he’s not expected to survive the day.

Petty’s best known for his time as the front man of the band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The singer, who sold over 80-million records in his lifetime, recently ended a nationwide tour with its last stop being at the Hollywood Bowl last Monday.

Petty was married twice in his life, most recently to 53-year-old Dana York Epperson. The couple met at one of Petty’s shows during the 1990s, but didn’t marry until over 10 years later. Petty has two daughters (Adria and Annakim Violette) with his ex-wife Jane Benyo and a stepson (Dylan) with York.