Dog the Bounty Hunter Wife Beth Chapman’s Cancer Battle Update

Duane “Dog” the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman has revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer. In early September 2017, Chapman revealed to friends that she was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer after suffering from a cough. In a letter obtained by Us Weekly, Chapman reportedly wrote, “As most of you know I’ve spent a lifetime facing tests and challenges I didn’t see coming and certainly never expected. I’ve been dealt my share of unexpected blows over the course of my almost fifty years but nothing as serious as the one I heard from my doctors two weeks ago when they uttered those dreaded three words, ‘You have cancer.’” When Chapman broke the news to her children, she said her older kids took it the hardest. Apparently, Chapman’s daughter “Baby Lisa,” who many have seen on the family’s reality show Dog The Bounty Hunter, disappeared for a while after hearing the news. Chapman told Radar that it has been hard for Lisa to accept.

After months of coughing and not knowing what was wrong, Chapman received her diagnosis and Radar Online has revealed that Chapman has received a 50/50 prognosis. As Chapman battles the disease, she admits that the drugs she is on are an issue, as they can change her moods and behavior. Recently, Chapman’s husband Dog spoke with Us Weekly and opened up about a sad moment his wife had with him. Dog revealed, “She woke up once in the middle of the night and she’s like, ‘Honey, Im gonna die.’ I said, ‘No, you’re not gonna die and I’m not gonna hear that.’ She goes, ‘Yes, I am. You’re so stupid, how are you gonna make it by yourself?’ It has brought us closer. I’ve been with her since she was 19, she’s almost 100. Every picture I see of us together, I remember where it was. It just makes all those moments that you shared love a lot more real when that could be what you’re left with: just the moments. It was hard as shit.”

Tonight, Beth and Dog Chapman show the world what they are going through in an A&E special titled Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. When it comes to why Chapman has decided to broadcast her battle, she explained to Us Weekly that, “We’ve shared almost our whole lives with fans. We’ve shared the ups and downs of this family with our fans for the last 15 years of our lives. So it made perfect sense that we should share something so intimate with them as well … It just didn’t make sense to try to hide something like this. The amount of love and support and genuine outpouring of grace our fans have shown has helped us get though some of the darkest moments of our lives right now.”

Country Living Magazine has reported that Chapman underwent a 13-hour surgery to remove a plum-sized tumor from her neck. She supposedly had to be cut from ear to ear in order to remove the mass. In a statement to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Chapman’s husband announced that, “Her doctor said we won round one. We will know more later this week. Mahalo to everyone for their prayers.” The surgery took place on September 23, 2017, with Chapman having a large tumor removed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. In an interview with FOX News, Chapman said that the scar the surgery left her with really affected her. She explained, “When I first saw the scar after the surgery. That was probably the worst. When you realize you have a seven-inch scar basically ear-to-ear across your throat. I think that puts your whole life right there in perspective.”


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Hey Beth. I really love ur show and dog too. I hope nothing happens to you. I hope God will be side of u and ur family. But tell dog that urs and his show bad to the bone. I live in Campbell Missouri Southeast Missouri in a small town. But my heart goes to u and ur family. So I hope u and ur family be my friends bc I really need some talk to. My cell phone number is 1-870-324-1471. I hope you get better Beth. When I seen this it broke my heart u had cancer. I hope u get better soon and my family and me be praying for u and ur family too. Sign Daniel Long

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