Miss Universe 2017 Pageant: Top 5 Contestants Revealed LIVE

The top 5 contestants at the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant were narrowed down from the top 10 finalists, who included Miss Thailand, Miss South Africa, Miss Spain, Miss Colombia, Miss USA, Miss Brazil, Miss Canada, Miss Philippines, Miss Venezuela, and Miss Jamaica. Prior to the top 10 being revealed, the winner of the National Costume Contest was revealed to be Miss Japan Momoko Abe. And, each of the top 10 contestants participated in the evening gown segment, which featured a performance by music artist Fergie.

Kicking off the evening gown competition, all of the 92 contestants appeared on stage before the spotlight was given to the top 10 finalists. The contestants walked off the stage as Fergie began her performance, dressed in a shimmering silver and black striped mini dress. While waiting for each of the contestants to exit the stage, the top 10 finalists remained backstage. Miss Venezuela was the first finalist to appear on stage in a silver rhinestone and white gown. Miss USA had a very sexy silver and gold rhinestone dress with a fully open chest. Miss Philippines donned a silver embroidered gown with sexy cut-outs, feathers and a high slit. Miss Canada’s dress came with a huge white train and followed the same glittery theme in neutrals. Miss South Africa looked gorgeous in an art deco-inspired dress. The gown was nude, but featured silver embroidery and beading.

After the first half of the finalists took the stage, Fergie strutted downstage and continued to sing as she waved her hands in the air. Soon, Miss Spain appeared on stage with a huge feather train in a strapless gown. Miss Brazil popped with a statement red gown that featured different sized, matte, round sequins. Miss Colombia stunned next in an off-the-shoulder, smoldering silver dress. She was then followed up by Miss Thailand, who had a more unique navy blue gown with a cape train and a deep neckline. Lastly was Miss Jamaica in a gorgeous and bright yellow gown that featured a sheer cape and train. Once the last of the contestants walked in their eveningwear, they all returned to the stage to stand with their outfits on display as Fergie finished her performance. Commentator Carson Kressley stated that this year’s gowns were full of personality.


Now let’s get into the top 5 contestants … Miss South Africa was the first finalist revealed, followed by Miss Venezuela, who says that dedication will lead you to what you want in life. Next up, was Miss Thailand, and then Miss Jamaica, who says that every experience is a lesson. Miss Jamaica says it’s important to step outside one’s comfort zone in life. And the last spot in the final 5 goes to … Miss Colombia. So, the top 5 contestants are South Africa, Jamaica, Thailand, Colombia and Venezuela.

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