Who Won Miss Universe 2017 Tonight?

Tonight was the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant and the three finalists were narrowed down to just one winner after 92 contestants competed for the win. So, which contestant was crowned the new Miss Universe? … The second runner-up tonight was revealed to be Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett. This meant that it was down to Miss Colombia Laura González and Miss South Africa. And the winner announced tonight was … Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

For the initial question segment this year, each contestant was allowed 30 seconds to answer. Miss South Africa was up first and she was asked about women in the workforce. She said that women are often paid 75% of what men earn and she says there should be equal work for equal pay all over the world. Next up was Miss Venezuela, who was asked about the negative and positive effects of social media on judging beauty. Venezuela’s response was that social media is what we make of it and that we must use it in a positive way instead of criticizing others. She says behind every photo and social media account is a good person who deserves respect. Miss Thailand was next and she was asked about what the most important social movement for her generation was … She struggled with the question and went into the importance of our world’s youth. Miss Jamaica was then asked about sexual harassment and how men and women should work together on the issue. Jamaica said that sexual harassment is a form of abuse and that it should not be tolerated in any workplace. Miss Colombia received the final question and it was about the threats of terrorism on our world. She was asked about explaining terrorism to a child and she said that she has never been a victim of terrorism so she cannot explain how it feels. However, she says she would explain that the next generation cannot be full of weapons. More books, culture, love and friendships are important.

After the question round, the top 5 were narrowed down to the top 3 contestants. And the top three were Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett, Miss Colombia Laura González and Miss South Africa. This meant that these three women were able to deliver their “final word.” They each delivered answers to the same question, while not being able to hear one another. They were given 45 seconds for their answers and the question was, “What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that quality to your time as Miss Universe?” Miss Jamaica said her drive and determination are what she is most proud of. She then used the opportunity to talk about her platform and her foundation for deaf people. Miss Colombia was next to answer the question. Her response was that she is incredibly passionate about all she does and that she also has discipline. With compassion, she has dived into acting, pageantry and hopefully being Miss Universe. Miss South Africa said that, as Miss Universe, confidence is key. She also said that Miss Universe is able to overcome her fears and she says she believes that is exactly who she is as a woman. Following the Final Word segment, each contestant gave their Final Look as recording artist Rachel Platten delivered a performance on stage.

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