Tia Booth, ‘The Bachelor’ 2018: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tia Booth hails from Arkansas and she is a contestant on The Bachelor 2018. She enjoys the outdoors and charming Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk with her brashness and genuine personality. On tonight’s episode of the show, Booth takes Luyendyk home to meet her family and the ABC plot description states that, “Tia, the feisty southern belle, plans the perfect date for Arie that is right in his wheelhouse: dirt track racing in vintage sports cars. This lady has no problem opening up to Arie and letting him know that she is falling for him. She hopes her family will welcome Arie, but her overprotective parents grill him about his reputation for dating a number of women.” Booth isn’t the only cast member whose family has doubts in Luyendyk. Continue to read on for our 5FF on Booth, but beware of major spoilers.

1. She Is BFFs With Raven Gates

Booth and Bachelor Nick Viall’s runner-up Raven Gates are actually good friends. So, Booth already had a connection to Bachelor Nation, prior to filming. In fact, when Booth came aboard the show, Gates posted the following words of encouragement and advice on Instagram, “Just always remember you’re not as bad as what your worst critic says you are and you’re not as great as what your biggest fan says you are. Find the balance, enjoy the ride. I’m always in your corner.” Fortunately for Gates, though she didn’t find love on The Bachelor, she did find it with Adam Gottschalk on Bachelor in Paradise.

2. The 2018 “Bachelor” Winner Is Not Booth

Sadly, for Booth fans, she is not the winner this season, according to Reality Steve. The reported winner is Becca Kufrin, who got Luyendyk to get down on one knee during her limo arrival on the premiere episode. Unfortunately for Kufrin, Luyendyk reportedly had second thoughts after the finale and dumped her for runner-up, Lauren Burnham. If this is true, Luyendyk is no longer engaged and he is dating Burnham, according to Reality TV World.

3. Some Fans Want Her to Be the Next “Bachelorette”

With Booth not making it past the hometown dates, as reported by Reality Steve, some fans want her to be the next star of The Bachelorette. She definitely has the personality to keep viewers entertained, according to Life and Style Magazine.

4. Luyendyk Admitted Falling for Her

Luyendyk has admitted to falling in love with more than one woman this season and he recently wrote in his People blog that he actually was falling for Booth as well. Luyendyk revealed that, “When she told me she was falling in love with me, I was humbled and my heart was totally full. This beautiful, fantastic woman sitting in front of me was falling in love and I was falling for her too. In this moment I had so much hope for the journey working, and knew now, more than even, that I could find my fiancé and future wife.” He also said that Booth is smart and he loves when she calls him out on things.

5. Booth Is Full of Weiner Jokes

The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. "Tia: Please Tell Me You Don't Already Have A Little Weiner" Preview2017-12-29T02:52:30.000Z

According to OKHereIsTheSituation, when Booth isn’t appearing on The Bachelor, she works as a physical therapist in Little Rock, Arkansas. When she first arrived on the premiere episode of the Bachelor, Booth made a joke about Luyendyk possibly having a “small wiener.” With her, she brought a small, dachshund dog figurine and she said, “I know you’re gonna have a lot of girls here tonight. And, it’s gonna be hard to keep track of everyone, so I have a little gift. It’s right here. It’s actually a little wiener … um, yeah. Please tell me you don’t already have a little wiener.” Luyendyk laughed in response to Booth’s joke and after their encounter, he said, “I like her.” Perhaps one of the reasons for Booth’s joke was that she hails from the small town of Weiner, Arkansas.

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