What Happened on ‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Finale Last Night?

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Tonight airs the After the Final Rose special for season 22 of The Bachelor, in a two-hour special. Last night, the 2018 finale went down in a three-hour event that ended in heartbreak. So, what exactly happened on the finale? Before we get into all the details, this is your spoiler warning. DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE OUTCOME OF LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE.

With that out of the way, let’s get into one of the most controversial finales in Bachelor history. The beginning of the finale was dedicated to Luyendyk’s family. His parents and siblings gathered to meet each of his final two women – Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham. They also questioned each girl and weighed in on their relationships with Luyendyk. With Burnham meeting the family first, she appeared to have an easier time, in terms of the questions asked of her. Kufrin, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly upset as Luyendyk’s family continued to compare her to Burnham. Both women, however, made a great impression on the Luyendyks. Ultimately, because of Burnham’s need for constant reassurance, the family felt that Kufrin would be a better fit for Luyendyk. One major factor was that, with Kufrin, Luyendyk made a good team, while he often “took care of” Burnham.

Luyendyk still was undecided in his final decision and he went on to have two last dates with each of the women. These dates apparently gave Luyendyk no clarity. He said that it wasn’t until the morning of the final rose that he realized which woman he wanted to be with.

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Lauren Burnham was the first to arrive at the final rose ceremony and she told Luyendyk that he had been so patient with her, in breaking down her walls. She professed her love for him, only to be turned down in a teary-eyed rejection. Luyendyk walked her to her car, hand-in-hand, in silence. Burnham cried and told him she was so confused and he said that he knew she felt blindsided. He also revealed to her the timing of his decision, which made no sense to her. As she cried in the car, riding away, she told the cameras that she loves him and thinks he made a mistake. She also said she didn’t think it was a good idea to come to this decision just that morning and then get down on one knee.

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Luyendyk went on to propose to Kufrin, with a Neil Lane engagement ring he had picked out, of course. Kufrin excited and the two appeared extremely happy together. Cameras showed them hanging out and goofing around at “safe houses” after the show finished filming. The newly engaged couple seemed to be living out a perfect romance with each other.

Then, Luyendyk reveals to the cameras that he has been struggling with his left-over feelings for Burnham, which he somewhat clued Kufrin in on. Apparently, he didn’t explain this to the extent that it was, though, because Kufrin was blindsided when Luyendyk wanted to break off their engagement. Luyendyk apparently re-connected with Burnham after the finale, which Kufrin knew about. But what she didn’t know, was this further made Luyendyk believe he made the wrong choice. Kufrin most likely thought Luyendyk needed the moment for closure.

VideoVideo related to what happened on ‘the bachelor’ 2018 finale last night?2018-03-06T08:29:10-05:00

When Luyendyk arrived at a house, for what Kufrin thought would be a “happy couple weekend”, he was there to deliver heartbreaking news. He sat down with Kufrin and said that he couldn’t stop thinking about Burnham and that he was in love with her. Kufrin’s reaction was, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Can you blame her? Luyendyk didn’t try to console her during the awkward break up and he said that it wasn’t fair to Kufrin if he was only “half in” the relationship. Kufrin was at a loss for words for most of the conversation, which was filled with a great deal of silence. She ultimately got up from the couch and said she was done.

Kufrin made her way to the bedroom in the house, started to pack her suitcase and walked off-camera. Luyendyk followed her and said he wanted to talk more, but she was not having it. Kufrin started to cry and said that if she’s not the one for him then there’s nothing left to discuss. She asked him to go and she made her way into the bathroom. Luyendyk left the room and walked outside, while Kufrin could be heard crying from outside the bathroom. Luyendyk ended up making his way back inside to check on Kufrin, asking her if she was okay. Again, she asked him to leave. Instead, he went into the living room and sat on the couch with her again. This scene was mainly filled with more silences, tears, and Kufrin again pleading with Luyendyk to go. Finally, Luyendyk left the house.

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In a live segment of the finale, Kufrin sat down with host Chris Harrison and said that watching the finale was “brutal”. She felt that Luyendyk didn’t know what he wanted and she had a lot of questions. She said that what he did was unforgivable.

Tonight will be the first time that Kufrin has had communication with Luyendyk since he left the safe house the day of the break up. Fans will also find out if Burnham ended up taking Luyendyk back on the After the Final Rose special.