Does Negan Die in ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics?

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Fans are going to have to wait until mid-to-late October to see any more of The Walking Dead after watching the Season 8 finale. But they’re already wondering how certain events in the show are going to line up with the comics (or if they will even line up at all.) What happened to Negan in The Walking Dead comics? Did he die? This post will contain spoilers for the comics, but it will not contain spoilers for The Walking Dead finale or Season 9. 

In the comics, Negan is still alive. The following details contain spoilers for the comics.

Although both the comics and the TV show have Negan and Rick engaging in All Out War, some of the details are significantly different. In both plots, Negan came up with the idea of infecting Rick’s people with zombie guts, which has already happened in the show. Some of the battle scenes and the timing of certain scenes is also different. But in the comics, Part 2 of All Out War has Negan and his group invading the Hilltop community. Negan and Dwight are separated from the other Saviors, and Negan orders Dwight to shoot Rick with a poisoned arrow and kill him. Dwight finally does and hits Rick in the side. (He had been planning to shoot and kill Negan with that arrow.)

Negan and Dwight and the Saviors retreat to devise the rest of their plan, with Negan assuming that everyone will fall into place once Rick dies. Negan later orders everyone to get ready to attack the Hilltop again. But when they begin their attack, they’re surrounded by many of Rick’s forces, causing Negan and the Saviors to retreat and camp on the hillside near Hilltop. Carson and Eugene escape, but Negan isn’t too worried about that.

Later, he returns to the Hilltop gates and says he’s ready to accept their surrender. Rick appears and Negan is shocked that he’s still alive. Rick refuses to surrender, again. He tells Negan they need to pool their people and resources, because at this rate all they’re doing is helping the undead. Negan realizes he was wrong and accepts Rick’s plan. That’s when Rick slashes Negan’s throat. They fight, Negan breaks one of Rick’s legs, and then Negan passes out. He wakes up inside the Hilltop, and Rick says he’s going to keep Negan alive so he can see how wrong he was, as he watches his people flourish with Rick. The comics next skips ahead two years in time, and Negan is still in prison, and Carl still wants to kill Negan. And Rick still doesn’t trust Negan. But both Rick and Carl are slowly building a relationship with Negan, as he sits behind bars. We won’t get into any more details about the storyline. But we can say that Negan is still very much alive. In fact, in the comics, Negan is currently on a possible redemption arc.