‘Lost in Space’ on Netflix: All About Raza Jaffrey as Victor Dhar

Raza Jaffrey

The newest reboot of Lost in Space is definitely not disappointing. The 2018 Netflix version is absolutely beautiful, and the storyline will make you really tempted to binge watch yet another Netflix series. But in addition to the regular cast who appeared in the 1960s series too, we’re also getting some new characters. One of them is Victor Dhar, played by Raza Jeffrey. This post has minor spoilers for the first few episodes of Lost in Space. 

Victor Dhar is a politician. He’s the political leader for the Jupiter 3 colonists (and his son might provide a love interest for Penny Robinson.) Fans think that Victor and his son were cast perfectly:

We quickly learn in the series that Victor won an election that made him the leader of the colonists, but the Robinsons voted for the other guy. And at least through the first half of the series (because that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far), fans wonder time and time exactly how Victor actually got elected in the first place. His political ambitions seem to be far greater than his training. So who actually did vote for him?

IGN describes Victor as “the political type you just love to hate.” And that’s pretty accurate.

The actor has a lot more experience than the character he’s playing. Raza Jaffrey, born in 1975, is originally from England. And if he looks familiar, there’s a good reason. He has a lot of film and TV appearances. His credits include Code Black (Dr. Neal Hudson), Elementary (Andrew Paek), Homeland (Aasar Khan), Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Taj), Smash (Dev), Sex and the City 2, Mistresses (Hari), MI-5 (Zafar), and more.

Raza is married to Lara Pulver. They’ve been married since December 2014 and he’s absolutely faithful to her. He once said, “I think fidelity is absolutely important, especially in the acting industry, which is littered with broken relationships because people are away filming for months.”

He studied drama at Manchester University, according to his IMDB profile, and studied acting at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He created the dance show RED, and he has a pilot’s license. His nephew, Adam Jaffrey, is a musician with The Trailer Trash Tracys.

He’s polite and courteous, but has been met with misunderstanding in the U.S. He once said, “I am in the habit, like most British people, of holding the door open for people. But in the U.S., people don’t understand it. You get odd looks or doors slammed in your face.”