Where Was ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Filmed?


Tonight, HBO is premiering the second season of Westworld, and fans can’t wait to see what’s next in an inevitable face-off between robots and Delos. And although the location of Westworld in the show’s universe is still being debated, we can know where Season 2 was filmed in the real world.

According to IMDB, the majority of the filming locations (including Season 1) are in Utah, Arizona, and California. Much of Season 2 was filmed in Utah again, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. For example, the Season 2 premiere (and a pivotal moment near the end of the premiere) take place at Lake Powell, a new location for the show. Lake Powell is at the border of Utah and Arizona. This is an area where Jonathan Nolan had been wanting to film since the series’ pilot.

But a good portion of the second season was also filmed in California. “We go to Utah for the big, and we fill in the scenes with locations in Southern California,” location manager Mandi Dillin said.

Utah’s Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park also play a beautiful role in Season 2, and the pink sand becomes another character in the story, Dillin said. And although some Season 1 locations are reused, Season 2 does move to new locations. “Season 1 was Moab-centric, and Moab is kind of the postcard… It shows the best of Utah,” Dillin told The Salt Lake Tribune. “But when I started to really get into the various landscapes that are available in Utah, it blew my mind.”

Atlas of Wonders reports that another scene in Season 2 takes place in the Green River as it passes through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

So Season 2 moves to new areas of Utah. Not just the Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Lake Powell, but also near Kanab.

As a bonus: some of the possible “other parks” that might make an appearance were filmed in California.

But some of the favorite locations from Season 1 will also return. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the locations used in Season 1, courtesy of IMDB:

  • Riding scenes: Monument Valley, Arizona
  • Park Control Center exterior and Man in Black’s mountaintop scene: Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

  • Sweetwater exteriors: Melody Ranch in Newhall, California (in Santa Clarita)
  • Universal Studios, California was the location for scenes like the Mexican street (Pariah exteriors), and the European street
  • Escalante church: Paramount Ranch in Agoura

  • Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in California
  • Fillmore & Western Railroad in California
  • Mesa Resort, including the exterior and pool/bar area overlooking Westworld: Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles
  • Las Mudas: Diamond V Ranch in Santa Clarita, California

  • Sub-Level 83 (cold storage): An old shopping center, the Hawthorne Plaza Mall in Hawthorne California (reports Atlas of Wonders)

In October 2016, CNN Traveler reported that taking State Route 128 in Utah would take you right into Westworld itself. The scenes were tourists were brought to the park were filmed here. But the Westworld town itself, with its Main Street scenes, is filmed at Paramount Ranch. (Interestingly, an SXSW experience in Austin closely replicated the town of Sweetwater, looking almost the same.)

This is a developing story.

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