Witney Carson’s Husband Mourns the Death of His Father After Cancer Battle

Witney Carson Husband Carson McAllister

Photo By: ABC - Eric McCandless

Witney Carson married longtime love Carson McAllister, making him her husband in 2016. Mcallister proposed in October 2015 and Carson announced the news via Instagram the next day, writing, “My love of four years Carson Mcallister proposed last night & I feel like the luckiest, happiest woman in the world. It was perfect, he’s perfect #engaged.” The two hail from the same hometown of American Fork, Utah, and are not shy about posting loving photos together on social media.

The couple tied the knot on New Year’s Day 2016, at NOAH’S Event Venue in Lindon, Utah, according to Brides, and she had a few of her DWTS buddies in attendance, as well as the bridal party. In December 2017, Carson’s fellow DWTS stars also showed support for her, as her father-in-law, Kevin McAllister, battled pancreatic cancer and she made the decision to leave the Dancing With the Stars Live Tour. According to People, upon her leaving the tour, Carson released the following statement:

My sweet father-in-law has been dealing with pancreatic cancer for the last year and a half. A few days ago he was having stomach issues & was unable to keep anything down. His doctors decided to do an exploratory surgery to find the problem, which we thought was just a minor issue. Unfortunately, we were completely wrong. The cancer has spread throughout his entire abdomen. We are so blindsided and still in shock … The doctors have explained there is nothing that they can do and have told us that we only have a few weeks with him before the cancer takes his life. After much heartache and discussion, Kevin has decided to fight it and try another aggressive chemotherapy treatment … This is an extraordinarily difficult time for us, I hope all of you can understand that my place is here with my family.”

Unfortunately, Kevin McAllister died a few months later, in March 2018, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. In a sweet post with a photo of her father-in-law and husband, Carson wrote a heartbreaking message that stated, “Although it will be excruciatingly painful at times to live without him, we know he lives on around us being our guardian angel wherever we go. We’re so grateful for the time we’ve had with him on this earth, & we know he’s in a better place. It’s hard not to think, why does my husband have to live without his dad? Why do my kids not ever get to know their Poppy? & then I remember the Plan of Salvation, to know we will see him again… and that gives me peace.”

She then added that, “I know Kevin is getting our kids ready to come down to meet us- he’s probably spinning them around on the floor right now, over and over again until they cry of laughter!We know you’ll be there when we can’t see you or hold you- lift us up when we have moments of trouble and heartache. Our guardian angel. We love you Kev. Until we meet again.”

Carson and McAllister were high school sweethearts, but when Carson left to compete on So You Think You Can Dance, the two worried about their relationship lasting the distance. McAllister was also in Romania for two years, on a mission with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as reported by People. Fortunately, they made it through together. Six months after reconnecting in person, the couple got engaged.

When talking about his relationship with Carson and why their marriage works, McAllister told People that, “She cares for so many people around her, including myself … She truly does put me first, even over herself. And that is very special to me about her. What’s important to me in a good relationship would be probably service. That shows true love and also builds the love that’s already there.” Carson then added that, “Also, being able to trust and communicate with one another because we’re not perfect at all and there’s things that, in order to build that good relationship, you always have to be partners — you have to be companions to each other and love and trust one another and communicate how you’re feeling. And making sure that your goals align I think for us is a big one too: what do we want in this life that’s most important to us? And that’s building a great family with good standards and good beliefs … It’s also hard with my career. It’s so important, it’s so stressful and we’re trying to make that a priority, but at the end of the day, family is most important.”

The couple has hopes for children in the future, but Carson and her husband have said that there’s no rush. After all, Carson’s DWTS schedule is jam-packed.

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