Is Akecheta Dead on ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 9? [PHOTOS]

HBO Akecheda

We were just introduced to the wonderful backstory of Akecheta (played by Zach McClarnon) on Westworld last week. But now, after a battle with the Ghost Nation, some viewers are worried that Akecheta might already be gone. Is he? Read on for details. This post has major spoilers for Westworld Season 2 Episode 9, so don’t read on unless you’ve already seen this episode. 

Near the beginning of the episode, Dolores and Teddy are greeted in the desert by the Ghost Nation. “The Valley Beyond is not meant for you,” they are warned. Of course, Dolores disagrees. The two groups have a fundamental disagreement of how the Valley Beyond works. Dolores believes that it’s not paradise, but a weapon for her and a tool for humanity’s immortality. But the Ghost Nation believes it’s not a tool, but a door to another world.

A battle ensues between Dolores’ and Teddy’s people and the Ghost Nation. Surprisingly, the Ghost Nation loses. (Except for the moment when Teddy asserts his individuality again and lets one member of the Ghost Nation escape, despite Dolores’ commands.)

But was Akecheta, the character who played a central role last week, among the members of The Ghost Nation who were killed in the battle with Dolores and Teddy? Did Dolores kill Akecheta? No, Akecheta was not just killed in the battle. We can find several clues that help bring us to this conclusion.

First, Zahn McClarnon is not listed in tonight’s episode, Vanishing Point, on IMDB. Of course, IMDB isn’t always accurate, so let’s look at photos for more details and clues.

Last week, this is what Akecheta looked like when he spoke to Ford:


And here he is at the end, when he’s communicating with Maeve, which is taking place close to the same time as today’s episode:


Here is the person that Dolores killed, whom we also saw in Episode 1 of Season 2, and several other times:

HBOGhost Nation

HBOGhost Nation

This is not Akecheta. Throughout Akecheta’s story, his face was painted in one specific way, with the black paint horizontal over the white paint. This character’s face is clearly painted differently, with the black paint vertical to the white paint.

And here is the person whom Teddy released against Dolores’ wishes, which also is not Akecheta:



So it appears that for now, Akecheta is still alive. But how long that lasts remains to be seen. I hope we see him in next week’s finale.

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