How Nev Schulman’s Wife Laura Perlongo Responded to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Nev Schulman Wife


MTV’s show Catfish resumed production in late June 2018, after sexual misconduct claims against star Nev Schulman were found to be “not credible”, according to People. Previously, a woman, who had appeared on the show, accused Schulman of making inappropriate comments toward her while filming. Fortunately, after an investigation by MTV, the claims were dismissed as being “without merit”.

In an official statement to Deadline, MTV said that, “Although we never received a formal complaint, MTV and Critical Content immediately engaged an independent third party investigator. The independent investigator found the allegations made in the YouTube videos to be not credible and without merit … Given the results of the investigation, Catfish will resume filming. We take these matters very seriously and are committed to providing a safe working environment.”

Fortunately for Schulman, his family and Catfish fans, he was deemed innocent, but the situation certainly left a mark. And, of course it had an effect on his wife, Laura Perlongo.

When it came to how Schulman and his wife dealt with the allegations, he told People that, “I’m doing much better now. It was a really difficult time for me, as much for my wife and my family. It was tough … To be accused of something that I squarely did not do and to have the harsh judgment that followed and no way to counteract or do something in the moment to correct that was very difficult. It was frustrating. I just felt so powerless.”

Schulman also said, “I’ve lived a number of different lives in my 33 years. I’ve experienced different things, I’ve been in different social circles and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve been very honest about those and I’ve been accountable, I’ve apologized and done everything I could to make right where I may have wronged. I’ve been judged for those mistakes — publicly and privately. That’s tough and doesn’t feel good but it’s important and something I’ve made part of my life.” In the wake of the allegations, Schulman said he did have a great support system when it came to his fans, colleagues and crew. He even said that former guests on the show reached out to him to offer positive input on Schulman’s day-to-day behavior on set.

The woman who made the allegations was identified to be Ayissha Morgan, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. She alleged that Schulman had hit on her for hours and urged her to go to his hotel room, according to The New York Times, though Morgan didn’t use Schulman’s actual name. Morgan also claimed that she had a sexual encounter with a female production assistant, while Morgan was supposedly passing “in and out of consciousness.” Schulman denied the allegations.

Schulman and his wife Laura Perlongo met online when she was working as a freelance copywriter. According to Us Weekly, Schulman saw Perlongo on Instagram and decided to direct message her, asking her out to dinner. She said “yes” and Schulman picked her up on his motorcycle. The couple married in 2017, at Schulman’s father’s home in the Hamptons.

Today, Schulman and his wife have one child together, a daughter named Cleo.

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