‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 15: Where Is the Hospital Roof Filmed?

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Fans have mixed feelings right now about Fear the Walking Dead. They love John Dorie’s character, for example, but aren’t so sure about certain plot devices and character choices. (Like Charlie and Alicia suddenly teaming up a little too quickly after Nick’s demise.) And exactly why did Morgan lead them into that hospital, out of all the places they could have gone? You may have noticed that in Episodes 14 and 15, it looked like there was a broken down capitol building of some sort in the background. Where were those rooftop scenes filmed?

Fear the Walking Dead Was Filmed in Austin & You Can See the Texas State Capitol Building from the Roof

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead was filmed in Austin. Those rooftop scenes were filmed near downtown Austin. The capitol building in the background is the Texas State Capitol Building, broken down and falling apart after years of the apocalypse. Here are two photos from tonight that show the Capitol in the background:

And another view:

Here’s what the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin looks like in real life:

And I agree with this wish! Maybe Al is hiding there (I can only hope.)

It’s not exactly clear why the Capitol building is already falling apart in three years, but that’s another story altogether.

There are also some scenes tonight where it appears that you can see the UT Tower in the background from the rooftop.

The Hospital Scenes Were Filmed at Brackenridge Hospital


There are some questions about whether or not Fear is taking the scenes in Austin literally (read more about that below.) But the actual filming of the hospital scenes was at Brackenridge Hospital, ATX Gossip reported.

Fear the Walking Dead Hospital Set in Austin, TXStopped by the hospital set Fear the Walking Dead is currently using for filming an upcoming episode.2018-05-24T15:06:51Z

The building is actually no longer in use, which may have helped with authenticity. The hospital is “in limbo” downtown while Central Health decides how to use it next, MySA reported. It was closed a year ago, in May 2017, for the first time in 133 years, My Statesman reported.

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos.

Here’s where the hospital is on Google Maps. As you can see, it’s pretty close to the UT Tower and to the Texas State Capitol.

Other locations filmed this season include:

  • The Dell Diamond
  • Southeast Austin at Shady Cedar Drive and Onion Creek Drive
  • S. Pleasant Valley Road between Springville Lane and William Cannon
  • Williamson County near Thrall and Taylor
  • Some scenes were also filmed in Lockhart, including some of those bridge scenes, ATX Gossip reported.
  • Their cabin was on the Colorado River in Austin
  • The general store was Lytton Springs General Store in Dale, Texas
  • The water park where Alicia and June had their scene earlier this season  was Volente Beach on Lake Travis, ATX Gossip noted.

FTWD Filming Locations Brackenridge Hospitalvia Discover Round Rock FB Page2018-06-07T18:46:23Z

Some fans are disagreeing on whether the producers really intend for the location to be in Austin, Texas and the actual hospital in the show’s universe to be Brackenridge. (You can read a disagreement about that here.) As one viewer points out, Luciana returned a book to the Nolan County Public Library, which is actually 200 miles from Austin. So it’s possible that they’re playing a little fast and loose with locations this season, since they may have never explicitly noted in the dialogue that they’re in Austin.

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