’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 6 Premiere: Recap on New Couples

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Last night was the season 6 premiere of 90 Day Fiance on TLC. The series follows six couples looking to get the K-1 visa or marry in the allotted 90 days.

Interested in learning about the couples this season? Read on.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan, 32, and Fernanda, 19, met at a club in Mexico. Jonathan lives in the US while Fernanda is from Mexico. According to E Online, Jonathan ended up elongating his trip so that he could spend more time with Fernanda. Three months later he proposed.

Jonathan recently posted an Instagram pic of the two in West Hollywood. He captioned it, “Had a blast last night!” Fernanda also posted a photo featuring the two, suggesting they’re very much an item these days.

Of course, it’s possible that the pictures are all for show and they were told not to spoil the ending of the show. But on the optimistic side, the two do seem to be very much into one another.

The two got off to a rough start on the season premiere– Fernanda came home to find that Jon still had his ex’s underwear in his drawer. Fernanda was furious when she found the panties. “I want to trust him. I want to believe him, but you never know,” she said. “It’s my first day here.”

Ashley and Jay

Ashley is 31 and Jay is 20. They met while Ashley was at a friend’s wedding in Jamaica. They found each other on social media after the trip, and Ashley ended up visiting Jay. After eight days together, they got engaged.

People may not think the two are perfect together because of their age gap, but Ashley is trying to convince people otherwise. On October 10, she posted the photo above and captioned it, “This girl ? and this wedding ? is the reason I met @jay_smith_ja It was a beautiful wedding and an amazing vacation! This trip changed my life in so many ways and my life wouldn’t be what it is today without YOU!”

Ashley seems to know that Jay is a flirt, but is hoping that he’s ready to settle down. After all, she is a mother to two children, according to her Instagram bio.

Kalani and Asuelu

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Kalani is 29 and lives in California. She met Asuelu, who is 23, while vacationing in Samoa.

This season, the couple welcomed a new baby. That’s right– according to E!, Kalani planned to save herself for marriage, but she lost her virginity to Asuelu and became pregnant with his child. Now, the couple has a five-month-old.

Discussing their backgrounds with People, Kalani explains, “We just come from completely different worlds.” She continues, “The first time I met Asuelu was when I was on vacation in Samoa. He was the activities director at the resort I was staying at. He kind of semi-stalked me around the resort, but it was really sweet. He’d watch after me when I was swimming in the pool or if I was walking around. Then one of the nights I saw him shirtless and I was like, ‘Okay, this could work.'”

What the two don’t have going for their relationship is the fact that Kalani’s family has not always been supportive of her relationship with Asuelu. “They thought he was just taking advantage of me,” Kalani said.

Steven and Olga

Steven is 20. He met Olga, who is from Russia and also 20, while she was vacationing in the US. After dating for a month and a half, Olga got pregnant.

Olga isn’t too pumped about leaving her home, but Steven is set on being around his son as he grows up.

Colt and Larissa


Colt, 33, is from Las Vegas, while Larissa, 31, is from Brazil. The two met on social media.

Based on TLC’s description of the couple, it seems they may be headed for trouble. The network writes, “Colt worries that Larissa has the wrong impression of what it means to be American after all of her high-priced demands, while Colt’s family worries that Larissa is just using Colt for a ticket into the U.S.”

Eric and Leida


Eric is 40, and a divorced father with three daughters. He and Leida, 29, met through a personal ad.

The two got to know one another through video chat before Eric finally made the trip to go see Leida in person. He proposed two days later.