Molly Ephraim Appears to Delete Twitter After ‘Last Man Standing’ Episode 2

Molly Ephraim Twitter


Molly Ephraim is no longer on Twitter. It’s unclear if the actress deleted her account or if it was taken down for some other reason. Fans were quick to notice that Ephraim’s account was no longer active and many have been trying to find out what happened.

Ephraim had been receiving quite a few messages on Twitter following her decision to leave Last Man Standing, a comedy television series featuring Tim Allen. Over the past couple of weeks, Last Man Standing fans have been reaching out to Ephraim, begging her to return to the show, which she left after it got canceled. Ephraim chose not to return to her role of Mandy Baxter because she had moved on to other things.

It’s possible that the comments proved to be too much for Ephraim, making her take her account down.

Interestingly, Ephraim’s Instagram is still active — for the time being. If you look through the photos that she has posted on Instagram, you will notice that the comments aren’t overrun by fans talking about Last Man Standing. This could be why she chose to keep that account open.

She last posted a photo of herself on Friday, the same day that Episode 2 of Last Man Standing’s Season 7 aired on Fox. You can see that photo below.

Ephraim has not responded to any of the chatter surrounding her Last Man Standing departure. The actress who replaced her, Molly McCook, has been getting tons of backlash as many fans feel that she doesn’t do Mandy Baxter justice, but McCook has remained confident and seems to be doing her best to ignore the haters.

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