‘The Voice’ 2018: Season 15 Comeback Stage Contestants

The Voice 2018 Winners


Kelsea Ballerini has joined season 15 of The Voice as a coach, but she is not one of the mainstream judges on the show. She is part of the show’s new companion series The Comeback Stage.

The six contestants who have been picked for another chance at becoming the season 15 winner of The Voice include Ayanna Joni, Ele Ivory, Lynnea Moorer, Wyatt Rivers, Sam Robbins, and Madison Cain. These cast-offs each performed during the blind auditions, but none of them made it through. This means that none of the judges turned their chairs for these six singers. But now, each of them has the opportunity to possibly return to the competition. This is their second chance at rejoining the show, but only one spot is available so they will have to battle it out, going head to head vocally.

As the battles carry on, each of the six artists will sing, in hopes of making it back onto The Voice and into the top 13. So, who are the six contestants taking on the challenge? Get to know the six singers below.

Ayanna Joni

Joni is 29 years old and hails from Yonkers, New York, where she lives as a single mother. For her blind audition on The Voice, she performed the song “Sorry Not Sorry”. She appeared on the premiere episode of the show this season and was the first contestant to make it on The Comeback Stage.

Ele Ivory

Ele Ivory is 20 years old and is from Nashville, Tennessee. Ivory’s blind audition performance was the song “Jump”. On Ivory’s Facebook page, her biography states, “Ele Ivory is a Nashville based 18 year old up and coming indie artist/songwriter. Her music is a fresh blend of piano driven blue-eyed soul/pop/rock. Her bold and honest lyrics meshed with memorable melodies are fresh but wise beyond her years and are delivered by her soulful and powerful voice.”

Lynnea Moorer

Lynnea Moorer is 18 years old and is from Monterey, California. Her blind audition song was Khalid’s “Location”. According to Famous Birthdays, Moorer has attained a lot of views and followers on YouTube, with her covers of popular songs.

Wyatt Rivers


Wyatt Rivers is 22 years old and comes from Durham, North Carolina. He performed the song “River” during the blind auditions. According to WRAL, the judges felt Rivers’ nerves with his performance, which caused him to get a bit pitchy, so none of the judges turned their chairs for him.

On Rivers’ official artist website, he is described as this, “Wyatt was born in Labelle, FL and spent his childhood listening to an eclectic blend of music ranging from Southern Rock, Folk, and Blues to Smooth Jazz, Standards, and Punk. When he left Florida to study and play football at Duke University, he thought all hopes of seriously dedicating time to music were all but gone. Then he met three musicians who changed his life by making him the frontman of their alt-rock quartet, Mobius. With their help, Wyatt discovered a love for songwriting and recording that grew over their three years together.”

Sam Robbins

Sam Robbins is a 21-year-old singer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who sang the song “Time in a Bottle”. According to Idol Chattery D, Robbins describes his sound as “reminiscent of classic singer songwriters from the 1970s like James Taylor, John Denver. and Neil Young.”

Madison Cain


Madison Cain was the last blind audition cast-off to round out the comeback competition. On an interesting note, she is actually the daughter of Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain. Cain is 24 years old and hails from Sausalito, California. For her blind audition this season, she performed Alanis Morisette’s song “You Oughta Know”, but her nerves appeared to have an impact on her performance, so the judges didn’t pick her to make it through.

For those who want a spoiler on Cain’s status in the comeback competition, keep reading. If you do NOT want a spoiler, STOP READING NOW.

According to MJs Big Blog, Madison Cain is eliminated in a battle against Ayanna Joni.