Elizabeth & Boyfriend Break up on ‘7 Little Johnston’s’

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Tonight, Amber and Trent’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth, deals with a difficult breakup on 7 Little Johnston’s.

The couple was featured on a handful of episodes and were dating for four months before Elizabeth received a text message from James saying he wanted to end their relationship. On tonight’s episode, Elizabeth admits she still misses James “a heck of a lot.”

In a teaser for the episode this evening, Elizabeth says, “He already posted a picture with a girl. It hurts… just seeing him move on so quickly.”

She adds, “This was due to his decision.”

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Amber and Trent spoke about James in a 2017 episode of the show, saying, “Amber and I caught on very quickly that with us being little people, and with Elizabeth being a little person, that it was not an issue for James. He wasn’t interested in a little person, he was interested in Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth shared that James took her to homecoming and they’ve also been to church together.

When James was interviewed, he shared that he was interested in dating Elizabeth, but she was off the market until 16. “I really like her, but she’s not allowed to date until she’s 16, so I have to wait and respect Mr. Trent on that one. I’m just waiting it out until she turns 16 and hopefully I’ll get there.”

Tonight, Elizabeth tells the cameras that the two began dating when she turned 16. “Officially we have been dating for two years. From a parent’s point of view, we have been dating for four months.” She adds, “I guess you could say I’m angry… It’s more of a sad angry.”

Elizabeth had trouble getting off her phone and eventually, her parents took it away from her because it was causing more harm than good.

How does Elizabeth deal with the heartbreak? By focusing on other things. According to Soap Dirt, Elizabeth pivots her attention to her hobbies as opposed to the boys in her life. She decides to participate in a local art show, where she shows off her artistic talents. She says the art project helps her “deal with the rage and stuff.”

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