EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Juan Pablo Di Pace Talks ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Juan Pablo Di Pace DWTS

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Juan Pablo Di Pace is known for his role on Netflix’s Fuller House and now he is a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. As one of the lead contestants, Di Pace is paired with pro Cheryl Burke and is competing for the coveted mirrorball trophy. Despite his crazy schedule and all of his DWTS rehearsals, Di Pace was able to chat with us about the show, his dance partner and some of the other things he has going on in his life. Read on below for our interview on the talented star.

HEAVY: Tell me about your experience on Dancing With the Stars so far.

The first few weeks I was so nervous, but now I just love performing every Monday night. I have always had a huge love for dance, and we’re working so hard every week. Now that I’ve gotten through the nerves I’m enjoying every minute of it.

HEAVY: Well, several of your “Fuller House” cast-mates have appeared on DWTS. Did they have any advice for you or help you with those nerves?

The advice that Candace [Cameron-Bure] gave me was to enjoy the first few weeks and have a blast, because later on it’s going to get intense. Jodie [Sweetin] just told me to take it day by day because you can never predict what will happen – be in the moment rather than plan ahead.

HEAVY: I’m sure your dance partner has had some advice too. How has it been working with Cheryl?

Working with Cheryl has been an incredible learning curve, and we’re both so passionate about the show. About performance, the music, discipline, being specific. She’s such a creative person, and she loves everything from the costumes to lighting, to production and I’m the same way. But I’m in her world here, so I take the backseat! I’m a control freak, so I like being involved, but this time I’m just learning. She’s one of the few people in the world to ever do this, so I accept her expertise. She lets me contribute of course, but she takes the pressure off me so I can focus on just dancing.

HEAVY: What has been the biggest challenge for you in this process?

The biggest challenge so far has been letting go of my own idea of how things should be, and my expectations. When you think you’re going to fail sometimes you surprise yourself. You can’t think ahead, you have to be in the moment – it’s about enjoying your performance. If there is a formula, it’s not about the votes or the scores; it’s about the joy of dancing. I’m in this to have the best time of my life, and people see that at home.

HEAVY: So, when you aren’t prepping for the ballroom, what are you doing?

When I’m not in the ballroom, I’m texting with Cheryl and working on our dances! I go over notes she sends me and practice at home. I think the only fun thing I’ve done outside the show was go to one Halloween party. When I’m not rehearsing, I’m probably sleeping! It’s the Super Bowl of dancing and I’m staying focused and in it.

HEAVY: Any predictions for the rest of the season?

It’s impossible to predict because it changes week by week. Obviously, I hope to make the final, but you can’t tell how anyone will perform week to week. There’s always something extra added – this week we have the group dances.

HEAVY: Yikes, well, you’ve been doing amazingly well and the finals are just around the corner! After DWTS, are there any other big projects going on?

I’m working on new music right now, and Fuller House season 4 premieres on Netflix on December 14, 2018.