Is Kelly Dodd Quitting RHOA Over Vicki Gunvalson’s Cocaine Accusations?

Kelly Dodd Cocaine


Kelly Dodd is known for her erratic behavior and fly-off-the-handle mannerisms on Real Housewives of Orange County, but isn’t that why we all love her? She has had ups and downs on the show, getting into altercations with fellow cast members and going through a divorce. Over the course of this season, she felt betrayed by co-star and friend, Vicki Gunvalson, who started going on on double dates with Dodd’s ex-husband, Michael.

On the RHOC reunion, Dodd and Gunvalson start hashing it out, but Gunvalson throws a major curveball into the mix. Gunvalson accuses Dodd of cocaine use.

Because of the drug use allegation, Dodd may be leaving the show. According to Too Fab, Dodd told an Instagram follower that, “If they don’t do something to Vicki how could I go back … I’m not going to sell my soul for this ratchet liar! They [are] running that show to the ground and hurting people’s reputation and my brand.”

Reality Blurb also reported Dodd saying, “I can’t go back if that liar can just say shit without consequences. The money isn’t worth it to me! My daughter means more to me than this show and she is trying to ruin my reputation … just out of principle I won’t go back! They can pick the OG I’m out!!” She continued, “I’m not giving them an ultimatum, I just won’t be on next year. I can’t work with this woman so as long as they have her on I can’t go forward with the show.”

In an interview with People, Dodd opened up about the aftermath of the drug allegations. She revealed, “It’s been really horrible. I don’t do drugs. I don’t do cocaine. I’ve seen it ruin families, I’ve seen it affect people close to me. I’m constantly telling my daughter Jolie to avoid drugs I can’t stress it enough to her.” Dodd continued, “But by Vicki saying that there are all these people out there believing it. Now it’s out there in the universe. You don’t think people are going to be like, ‘Maybe she does do it?’ This is my life. This is my name. It’s like character assassination. It’s really hurt me.”

Dodd also said that the allegations have greatly upset her 12-year-old daughter. Dodd told People that she doesn’t want her daughter ever to think she does drugs. Dodd further revealed that, “She goes to a very conservative Catholic school. Her friends’ moms are all into the show, they’re seeing everything that’s going on. My daughter’s been crying, thinking that her friend’s parents aren’t going to let her see them because they’ll think that I do drugs. It hurts my daughter! Vicki’s a mother, she should know better.”

So, what made Vicki Gunvalson accuse Dodd of cocaine use? According to OK! Magazine, Gunvalson claimed that she wasn’t the only cast member who knew of Dodd’s alleged cocaine habit. Gunvalson reportedly said, “Shannon (Beador) and I both heard it from a good friend of hers.”

Gunvalson and Dodd reportedly leave the reunion “in a good place,” but it doesn’t sound like they’ve remained close since.

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