Monster Hunter Movie’s First Set Images Revealed

Monster Hunter World New Campsite

When it comes to live-action adaptation, video games have had a notoriously bad line-up. With many films ranging from borderline unwatchable to just mediocre, many fans are hesitant to get excited when a new video game movie is announced. Enter Capcom’s Monster Hunter, one of the next major titles to make its way onto the big screen.

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, Monster Hunter revolves around a UN military squad getting transported into a monster-filled dimension. This film is clearly not aiming to be a faithful adaptation, since the Monster Hunter franchise has always embraced the fantasy genre. This makes the first set images so puzzling since there are very few aspects that even seem tied to this game series.

Monster Hunter Movie Set Photo

Posted on actress Mila Jovovich’s Instagram account, we get a glimpse at Jovovich and Alpha Team. She also released a photo of her holding a Slinger, which is a classic tool used in the Monster Hunter franchise. The set pictures have left many fans concerned as it the military addition feels tonally out of place with world establish in this series.

Monster Hunter Movie

Given the widely negative reaction from both fans and critics to Anderson’s adaptation of the Resident Evil franchise, many are concerned about the direction of this movie. With the latest installment – Monster Hunter Worldboosting this franchise’s popularity, there is a lot of pressure to deliver a film that fans will enjoy.

Monster Hunter Movie

There is currently no footage or images of what the other dimension looks like or what monsters will make an appearance. At the time of writing this, Monster Hunter has not received a release date yet.

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