‘The Voice’ Results 2018: Top 10 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 15

The Voice 2018 Finalists

Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC

On tonight’s episode of The Voice 2018, the top 11 of season 15 was narrowed down to the top 10. Read on for tonight’s winner results, as they air live.

At the top of the show, within two minutes, host Carson Daly brought out the contestants to begin revealing tonight’s results. Ahead of the first few reveals, Daly asked several of the artists about their growing fan bases on the show. Then, Daly dove into the results.

The first artist revealed to be safe tonight was from Jennifer Hudson’s team and the singer was … Kennedy Holmes. Holmes is the youngest singer in the competition. America also saved Kelly Clarkson’s team member, Kymberli Joye.

Next, Blake Shelton took the stage with his team to perform the song “Dixieland Delight”.

Host Daly then brought the contestants back out on stage for more results. Soon it was revealed that the next saved artist was from Adam Levine’s team and they were … Reagan Strange. After that, an artist from Blake Shelton’s team was announced as safe. America voted through Chris Kroeze.

Kelsea Ballerini soon took the stage to perform. For those unfamiliar, she has been a fifth judge this season, as the host and coach on the new Voice companion series titled The Comeback Stage. Tonight, Ballerini sang her song “Miss Me More.”

After Ballerini’s set, more results were revealed. Kirk Jay was the next contestant to be revealed as safe and he hails from Team Blake. Then, MaKenzie Thomas from Jennifer Hudson’s team was announced as moving on in the competition as well.

Jennifer Hudson and her team took the stage next to perform, so they were definitely in good spirits since both of her remaining artists were announced as safe before their set.

The remaining contestants were then given their results, revealing the last three artists saved by America’s votes from last night’s performances. The first of the remaining five to be revealed as safe was Sarah Grace from Team Kelly. America also saved Dave Fenley from Shelton’s team. The final contestant revealed as safe was Chevel Shepherd from Kelly Clarkson’s team.

These results meant that contestants Lynnea Moorer and DeAndre Nico were up to each perform for America’s Instant Save tonight. Moorer picked the song “Tattooed Heart” for her performance. Coach Kelly Clarkson called Moorer her “fighter” after her performance and she begged for America to keep her in the competition. Moorer was the winner of The Comeback Stage and earned her way back into the competition after being a blind audition cast-off.

Nico, who is from Adam Levine’s team, took the stage to perform the religious song “Take Me to the King”. At the very start of his performance, and all the way through, Jennifer Hudson stood up out of her judge’s chair, in support of Nico’s vocals. She even threw her shoe at Nico in excitement. Halfway through, Nico’s coach Levine stood up as well.

Jennifer Hudson said that Nico definitely had her vote and Levine said he was shocked that Nico was even considered to be in the bottom of the votes. Levine said that he will be bringing Nico all the way to the finale if he was to make it through tonight.

DeAndre Nico definitely won and made it through to the top 10, as the voting results were shown across the bottom of the TV screen as they started to come in. It was a landslide, with Nico getting over 80 percent of the votes.