Are Fernanda Flores & Jonathan Rivera on ’90 Day Fiance’ Married?

90 Day Fiance Fernanda and Jon


For Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera, their time on 90 Day Fiance has been filled with ups and downs. When Flores arrived in America, she found a pair of thong underwear in Rivera’s apartment. Rivera appeared shocked and said that the underwear had to be from an old girlfriend from before he even met Flores. As Flores is only 19 years old, she hadn’t had as much experience as Rivera.

Flores struggled with jealousy and she was missing her family a great deal. To make matters worse, her family would not be able to attend her wedding to Rivera. In turn, Flores hoped to form a connection to Rivera’s family. This was not an easy task, as Rivera hadn’t been as open about his relationship with Flores and hadn’t been as close with his mother as Flores had hoped.

When it comes to Flores’ emotional reactions to situations with Rivera, Flores decides to write her thoughts down and read them to Rivera. Flores cries and apologizes for some of her more volatile actions, according to People. Rivera becomes nervous, not knowing what to expect, but after Flores read her letter, it was clear that she had no intention of breaking up with him. Flores wrote, “I know that way [of] showing you my feelings was wrong, but I just want you to see it from my perspective. I want to feel like I have you and I’m not alone in this. I love you, and I’m here because of you.”

With all the rocky moments in the couple’s relationship, 90 Day Fiance viewers wonder if Flores and Rivera ever got married or if they’re still together today. For the SPOILERS on their relationship, read on below.

According to Romper, Flores and Rivera seem to have gotten married. In a February 16, 2018 Instagram post, Rivera wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day to this beautiful soul! The one who gets me out of bed in the morning, the one keeps me grounded and always supports my dreams. She does the little things and I am constantly reminded how lucky I am. To my best friend and future wife, I love you baby!! U.S. bound in a couple days!!” The post appears to have been removed from Instagram. Perhaps because of the “wife” reveal.

Another online reveal was by Rivera’s mom, Ceci, via Facebook, according to Distractify. In a post that was deleted, Ceci reportedly included photos of a courthouse wedding with her son and Flores. She captioned the post with, “May God bless you two, guide you through your marriage with love, patience, compassion, and honor for one another. Can’t wait for next year for the wedding fiesta celebration in Mexico! Congratulations! I love you both!” In another post online, Flores referred to Ceci as her mother-in-law, so it sounds like the couple is definitely married.

Reality Blurb reported that Rivera and Flores got married on May 5, 2018.

Rivera and Flores originally met at a nightclub in Mexico. Rivera proposed just three months later and the rest is history … at least for now.

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