‘The Voice’ Results 2018: Top 4 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 15

The Voice 2018 Finalists

Photo by: Art Streiber/NBC

On tonight’s episode of The Voice 2018, the top 8 of season 15 was narrowed down to the top 4. And, next week is the two-part finale. Read on for tonight’s winner results, as they air live.

At the top of the show, within just a few minutes, host Carson Daly brought out the contestants to begin revealing tonight’s results. And, the first artist announced as safe and headed into the finale was … Kirk Jay from Team Blake.

Contestant Chris Kroeze was also announced as being the most streamed artist out of the remaining artists during last night’s voting period, but his results were not yet revealed.

Soon, Michael Buble took the stage to give a performance, breaking up tonight’s results. After his set, behind-the-scenes footage was shown of the coaches interacting with their artists, in addition to bloopers.

And next, it was time for more results. Out of the 7 remaining singers, the next contestants revealed as safe was … Chevel Shepherd from Team Kelly.

In promotion of her upcoming film Bumble Bee, Hailee Steinfeld took the stage to perform a song from the movie’s soundtrack. Chris Kroeze from Team Blake was then revealed as moving on to the finale.

Before revealing which two contestants would be sent home and which three would sing for tonight’s Instant Save, coach Jennifer Hudson took the stage to perform for America. MaKenzie Thomas from Hudson’s team was then revealed to be singing for a spot in the finale. Reagan Strange was the next artist announced as singing for the Instant Save. The remaining three contestants (Sarah Grace, Kymberli Joye and Kennedy Holmes) then learned their fates, but it was Holmes who earned a chance at the Instant Save. This meant it was the end of the road for Joye and Grace.

Thomas was the first to perform and she delivered a soulful rendition of the song “Up to the Mountains”. Hudson gushed over the performance, saying Thomas has “more than proved herself”. And next up was Reagan Strange from Team Adam, who is only 14 years old. Strange gave a performance of the song “Wherever You Will Go,” which was well-received, but didn’t seem as powerful as Thomas’.

Kennedy Holmes then gave a smooth performance of the song “How Do I Live”. It was now up to America’s Instant Save votes, sending just one artist through to the two-part finale.

As the results started to come in, it was clear that Holmes was in the lead and would be headed for the finale.

Before the final results were revealed, each of the three remaining contestants thanked their coaches for their support. Host Carson Daly wished the contestants, as well as each of the judges, good luck. He then revealed the final contestant in the top 4 and it was … Kennedy Holmes.

Tune in Monday and Tuesday night on NBC, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, to see the 4 remaining contestants perform. Cast-offs and superstars will appear on the results night and a new winner will be revealed at the end of Tuesday night’s episode.