What Is Colton Underwood’s Zodiac Sign?

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Colton Underwood, The Bachelor‘s 23rd bachelor on the show, is many things – a former NFL football player, a virgin, and an Aquarius, which isn’t surprising to those who follow astrology, given his behavior on both the Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette.

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Aquarius is a very complex sign in the zodiac, and are known for having issues of communication, although they know their minds and hearts better than most other signs. Aquarians fall hard and fast when they fall in love, but they are also unpredictable and sometimes bail easily, if they change their mind about how they feel. Here’s what Underwood’s sign tells us about him as a romantic partner:

It Is Hard To Know Where You Stand With an Aquarius

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There may be some shocked ladies during rose ceremonies throughout the upcoming season of The Bachelor. Aquarians are known for having issues communicating, so it isn’t always easy to tell where you stand with an Aquarius, especially romantically. Some of the ladies on the show may believe they are really hitting it off with Underwood, just to get the boot during a rose ceremony on the following episode. Because of the lack of communication skills, Aquarians aren’t always great at expressing interest in somebody either, so a lady who thinks he is completely uninterested may be in for a surprise when they receive a rose.

They Are Very Loving, Trustworthy Partners

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When an Aquarius falls for somebody, they fall hard and they fall fast. And once you get an Aquarius to fall in love with you, you can be mostly certain that your heart is safe. Aquarians are generally very honest, trustworthy people and set in their beliefs (i.e. Underwood abstaining from sex until he finds “the one”). If their belief is that they love you, and want to be with you, you can rest easy knowing that they will stick to that belief as long as you are together. They’re also excellent listeners, friendly and charismatic, so whoever Underwood ends up choosing this season will wind up with one caring, sensitive, trustworthy partner.

Aquarians Hate Drama & People Who Come on Too Strong

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An easy way to push away an Aquarius is drama, which some of the ladies on this season may find out the hard way. Aquarians tend to despise drama and pushiness, and have no patience for people who come on too strongly. Especially considering Underwood is a virgin, he may be even less impressed by any ladies who pressure him to have sex or push him to go against his hard-set beliefs that he wants to wait until he falls in love to give up his v-card. Aquarians are also deeply sensitive, so the quickest way to get their walls up is by criticizing them. They tend to take that to heart, and once that wall is up, it is pretty hard to tear back down.

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