Kelleth Cuthbert, ‘Fiji Water Girl’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

kelleth cuthbert

Instagram/Kelleth Cuthbert Kelleth Cuthbert AKA Fiji Water Girl

Kelleth Cuthbert, a married Canadian model who now lives in Los Angeles, has been identified as the “Fiji Water Girl” who generated a buzz at the Golden Globes by photobombing seemingly every celebrity possible.

Cuthbert, carrying a tray with bottles of Fiji Water, and wearing a purple Marchesa Notte gown, was captured in photos of celebrities ranging from Jamie Lee Curtis to Nicole Kidman.

You can see the 5 foot 9 inch model’s portfolio here. She is represented by Wilhelmina in Los Angeles. “Not the worst way to spend a Sunday… #goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl,” she wrote on Instagram along with a photo at the Golden Globes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kelleth Cuthbert Says She Was ‘Strategic’ as Fiji Water Girl at the Globes

There were actually four Fiji Water girls at the awards event, all clad in purple gowns. However, none of the others managed to steal the show in the same way as Kelleth Cuthbert. Some people thought Cuthbert’s gaze was a little scary. Others gave her props for becoming the center of attention at an event where everyone is trying to accomplish that.

“It’s all strategic,” she told The Los Angeles Times. “You’ve got to angle.” She wrote on her Facebook page, “Needless to say this has been the strangest day of my life. ?”

The day after the Golden Globes, Fiji Water identified the Fiji Water Girl who received all of the attention as Cuthbert, saying in a statement, “The award for Best Supporting Actress in (literally) Every Picture goes to FIJI Water Girl! FIJI Water Girl is a Los Angeles-based model and first-time FIJI Water Brand Ambassador.”

“For more than a decade, FIJI Water has proudly maintained a presence at high-profile events, including major award shows, international film festivals and movie premieres. As the official water sponsor of the Golden Globes, FIJI Water, along with its FIJI Brand Ambassadors, hydrated guests on the red carpet and during the star-studded show. FIJI Water will continue to hydrate more of Hollywood this coming awards season,” Fiji Water continued.

2. Cuthbert Sold All of Her Possessions to Move to LA From Toronto

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Kelleth Cuthbert has been seeking her big break in the modeling world for three years, and she is from Canada, according to a May 2018 interview she gave to TorontoVerve.

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“Three years ago, she sold all her possessions and left Toronto for Los Angeles,” The blog post reads. “That fearlessness and determination inevitably got her signed with Wilhelmina in Los Angeles.”

The article says Cuthbert has been a fashion model for a decade. Her Facebook profile says, “An obsessive combination of ontological inscape, trickery and love.”

3. She Grew Up With ‘Traditional Values’ But Didn’t Want a 9 to 5 Job

According to TorontoVerve, Cuthbert says she “grew up with a focus on traditional values, believing I was obligated to follow a post secondary education in order to get a normal 9 to 5 job.”

However, she soon realized that wasn’t for her, telling the blog, “I’ve discovered that I absolutely wanted no part of that. I wanted a different kind of life than my parents and peers had. I’ve learned to not be afraid of completely upheaving your life to pursue something different.”

Most of her photos on Instagram are modeling shots, although some show her in the midst of travels.

4. Kelleth Cuthbert Has a Background in Social Work

Cuthbert told TorontoVerve that she “used to work in mental health and addiction counseling” and has a degree in social work.

She is married to a photographer named Christopher Von Steinbach, “who she met in 2010 on a photoshoot she set up to bolster her portfolio,” Daily Mail reports.

christopher von steinbach

Christopher Von Steinbach’s LinkedIn profile picture

You can see Steinbach’s website here. Some of his photos are typical modeling shots, and others are of nude models and Playboy covers. He describes himself as a photographer and director on his Instagram page. Keen Magazine describes him as a photographer living in Los Angeles.

5. Opinions on the ‘Fiji Water Girl’ Were Varied

Many people weighed in on Twitter. “I try to be like the Fiji water girl when I see photos being taken,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Who is Golden Globes’ Fiji Water girl, Kelleth Cuthbert? What to know about the viral photo-bombing model, if you know what i mean,” wrote another. “The #GoldenGlobes Fiji water girl proves there are no small parts,” wrote another social media user.

One person spliced Fiji Water Girl into an old prom picture.

Others weren’t impressed. “the Fiji water girl is such an obvious PR stunt it’s ruined any amusement I had for it,” one woman sniped on Twitter. “that fiji water girl is so embarrassing, I can’t look at her,” another observer concluded.

Others preferred to look at Fiji Water Girl than the actors, with one person writing, “Fiji water girl is more REAL than those over-made ‘actors.'”

Another woman declared: “We are all the Fiji water girl.”