‘The Titan Games’ Casting Process: Here’s How to Apply to Compete on the Show

The Titan Games finale

Vivian Zink/NBC Pictured: Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new reality television competition, The Titan Games premieres tonight on NBC at 8/7pm CT. The show features 64 competitors from across the country (and a few who live internationally), who Johnson hand-picked and refers to as “DJ’s 64.” Of his chosen competitors, Johnson told USA Today that he was looking for “men and women who have overcome odds and challenges in their life.”

While the competitors are considered “everyday people,” they all share the same dedication to physical strength training and fitness required of someone participating in The Rock’s “deranged challenges.” If you think you have what it takes to become a Titan, here’s what you need to know about the show’s casting process:

While the show has not yet been renewed for a second season, it is likely to draw the same kind of fanbase as the Emmy-nominated American Ninja Warrior which has aired ten seasons and shows no sign of stopping. Add the fame of the show’s creator and host, Dwayne Johnson, and it would be surprising if NBC didn’t give the show at least one more season. Season 1 of The Titan Games, however, is 10 episodes long, so don’t expect news related to the show being renewed or canceled until the network has had an opportunity to see what kind of viewership it receives.

When and if the show is renewed, the casting process will likely be similar to the one that the season 1 applicants had to go through. The Titan Games’ casting website for season 1 advertises “If you’re motivated, athletic, and willing to push yourself beyond your limits, you could have the opportunity of a lifetime! Inspired by Johnson’s desire to motivate everyone to reach their potential for greatness, “The Titan Games” welcomes men and women who are strong enough to believe in themselves and confident enough to test their own abilities by taking on physical challenges of epic proportions.”

In order to apply, they provide an 8-part online application to be filled out, which includes your background, story, athletic info, and photos and video. Since the show puts an emphasis on the competitors’ backstories and the obstacles they’ve overcome in life, the “story” and “photo/video” sections of the application are especially important. In addition to completing and submitting the application, in order to be eligible for consideration, you must be “18 years of age or older as of June 1, 2018 and [be] available during the production periods.”

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When casting this season, Johnson said that “nearly 100,000 athletes across the country applied.” Of those tens of thousands of applicants, approximately 100 were chosen to go to Los Angeles and prove themselves in person. After that in-person test of strength, 100 were narrowed down to 64 and the casting for the series premiere was complete.

Tune in to The Titan Games on NBC at 8/7pm CT on Thursday nights to see who will become the show’s first Titans.

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