Brandon’s Girlfriend on Siesta Key

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As is the case with many romantic reality television shows, relationships are constantly changing on Siesta Key.

Take Alex, for example. He dated Madisson at one point, then moved onto a relationship with Juliette, but then that ended. And now, the two seem to be together, but Cara, his other ex-girlfriend, may want to throw a wrench in that relationship. And Alex isn’t the only one whose status is constantly changing.

Brandon Gomes, another of the show’s stars, was dating Madisson for a while. Then, he admitted to cheating on her, and Madisson ended things for good. But now, he’s asked Madisson to star in his music video about their relationship. Does that mean they’re back on? And wait, isn’t Madisson in a relationship with Ben? Who is Brandon dating these days?

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Previews for tonight’s episode show Ben getting jealous when his girlfriend, Madisson, stars in a music video with Brandon, her ex. In one preview, Ben tells Canvas Brummel and Tawni Nix that he’s uncomfortable with what Madisson is doing, but then Tawni tells him, “I just know if you were my man, I wouldn’t be doing something like that,” and he flirts straight back.

Is it possible that Madisson and Brandon could be getting back together? Based on Ben and Madisson’s recent Instagram feeds, it seems the two are still going strong and Madisson will not get back together with Brandon.

Then what’s the deal with Camila? And who is Alana? On Brandon’s birthday episode, singer Alana shows up at his party, and shortly after asks if he has a girlfriend. He tells her that he’s just started Camila, and it’s really new.

Brandon tells Alana, “Relationships are a lot of responsibility. Well, you know, right?” And then Alana responds, “I’ve never been in a relationship. Never.” (Check out Brandon and Alana’s song, Somber, below.)

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Unfortunately, Brandon’s Instagram doesn’t give too much away when it comes to his love life.

Camila and Brandon most recently posted a picture together in November 2018, and it’s been three months since. And as the show’s viewers know, three months is a lifetime in the world of Siesta Key.

But it is interesting that Brandon didn’t ask Camila to be in his music video. Ben and Tawni both pointed that out in their conversation. In a preview clip for tonight, Tawni asks Ben, “Why wouldn’t Brandon use his current girlfriend for a music video?” Ben then responds, “I guess mine’s better.”

But will things between him and Camila last if he’s already flirting with Madisson? Only time will tell.

Be sure to tune into Siesta Key tonight at 9pm ET/PT.

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