‘Chicago Fire’ Season 7 Episode 13 Spoilers: What Happened on the Show Tonight?

Chicago Fire Episode 13 spoilers

NBC/Elizabeth Morris "The Plunge" Episode 713 - Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann

A new episode of Chicago Fire season 7 airs tonight, starring David Eigenberg, Annie Ilonzeh, and Joe Minoso. NBC did not air a new episode of the hit show last Wednesday, so tonight’s episode marks its return from a two-week hiatus. Beware of spoilers. If you do not want to know what happened during season 7 episode 13 of Chicago Fire or are not caught up with the show, stop reading now.

Chicago Fire 7×13 Promo "The Plunge" (HD)Chicago Fire 7×13 "The Plunge" Season 7 Episode 13 Promo – Cruz leads the charge in getting the firehouse to gear up for the Polar Plunge. Herrmann has a hard time bouncing back after dealing with a tough call. Foster's personal relationships begin to interfere with her job. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more…2019-01-24T03:09:40.000Z

The description for episode 13, entitled “The Plunge,” reads “Cruz leads the charge in getting the firehouse to gear up for the Polar Plunge; Herrmann has a hard time bouncing back after dealing with a tough call; Foster’s personal relationships begin to interfere with her job.”

A short, 15-second promo clip shared ahead of the episode’s premiere teases “For one firefighter this rescue could be his last.” Hermann’s name is called after that text plays across the screening, suggesting that his life is the one in danger tonight.

The episode opens with Emily Foster lamenting about the cold Chicago weather to Sylvie Brett, before she is interrupted by a message from an unknown number on her phone. The two women walk into the cafeteria, where Joe Cruz is trying to recruit participants for the upcoming Polar Plunge charity event.

Then, the firehouse gets a call that there is a structure fire. As the fire truck races to the scene, a car speeds behind them, trying to drive on their tail to avoid traffic. Suddenly the car rear-ends the fire truck and veers off the road, crashing into a parked car.

Hermann approaches the driver of the vehicle, who is bleeding and disoriented, and has to climb into the truck in order to drag him out of the car window. With Hermann still in the car, the car begins to catch fire, and Hermann narrowly pulls himself out of it before it explodes. The driver is badly injured, and Brett and Foster decide to medicate him until the can get him to the hospital for additional help.

As she exits her car, Foster is approached by Dr. Jim Shaw, who she already tried to cut ties with. He is persistent about asking her on a date, in spite of her disinterest, and she suspects he is the unlisted number that keeps trying to contact her. He denies the accusation, but when she firmly declines his invitation to dinner, he says “I think you’re making a huge mistake, but that’s you prerogative, right?”

Back at the fire station, the firefighters start “training” for their Polar Plunge, with the help of an ice-water-filled inflatable kiddie pool.

Brett steps in to help Foster handle her stalker, and they both go to the Chief to let him know what’s going on. In the locker room, Foster apologizes to Brett, who assures her that they all have her back.

In the men’s locker room, they all agree to shower using only cold water, to prepare for the Polar Plunge.

Following through with their plans from earlier, Kelly Severide and Matthew Casey head to a dance club. At a bar, Cruz is informed, much to his dismay, that his body can’t adapt to cold temperatures ahead of the Plunge. Foster is also at the bar, and the Chief approaches her to let her know that the hospital is questioning her handling of the patient she treated after the car accident earlier in the episode, and she realizes it will be her word against her harasser’s.

At home, Hermann is clearly still affected by the young driver he saved and yells at both his son for the dent in his car and his wife for knowing he dented it and not doing anything to punish their son when she knew about the dent months ago.

Still shaken, Hermann goes to the hospital to check on the injured teen and is approached by the boys’ father. He tells the father that he also has a son his age, and assures him that his son is in good hands at the hospital, and gives him his card if he needs anything.

Foster plays a voicemail for the Chief and Brett from her harasser, in which he offers to put in a good word for her to help her case with the hospital, before asking to meet for coffee.

They take a call to an apartment building from a concerned resident whose neighbor’s apartment is flooding. They force entry into the apartment unit, and find the man passed out drunk and frozen in his bathtub. Though he does not have a pulse when they find him, Foster gives compressions until he is revived.

At the hospital, Foster confronts Shaw, surrounded by female nurses and doctors (and Shaw’s boss) about his treatment of her. As she heads back to the ambulance outside of the hospital, Shaw follows her out and confronts her, but Brett called ahead for back-up and the entire firehouse backs up Foster, and Chief Boden tells Shaw that “harassment of any paramedic will not be tolerated.”

As Hermann arrives back home, he finds his son washing the damaged car; his son tells him he saved up money to get the damage fixed. Hermann gives him back the keys and apologizes for coming down so hard on him, and tells his son “I’m never gonna stop worrying about you.” His wife witnesses the exchange, and she tells him she knows what happened to make him react that way and they embrace.

Finally, it’s time for the Polar Plunge and everyone has shown up, including Foster (dress as a shark). The episode ended with them running into the water together, an apt conclusion in-line with the theme of the episode.

Tune in to Chicago Fire on NBC, Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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