‘The Orville’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review: This Show’s Not a Comedy Anymore

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Tonight on The Orville, a plot twist happened that no one was expecting. The show went from being a comedy to something much darker. Season 2 Episode 8, “Identity Part 1,” was not anything that fans had predicted, but it was amazing.

This post has major spoilers for Season 2 Episode 8. 

Did you see that twist coming?

The episode started out like most of the other episodes. It had shades of The Next Generation, while also sprinkling quite a bit of comedic moments throughout. Isaac and Claire deepened their relationship and finally told her sons. The oldest already knew, but both approved.

Then Isaac unexpectedly shut down. I was expecting a fascinating, intriguing story where we would learn more about the Kaylon’s background. I couldn’t wait to see their homeworld. And I was thoroughly enjoying the episode as it progressed. But when we were about 10 minutes away from the ending, I was wondering just how they were going to wrap everything up and leave a cliffhanger for a second part.

I had no idea what to expect.

I think my favorite moment was when Bortus wanted a corner piece of the cake because it had the most frosting (and the flower.) As a foodie, I can relate to that. When he didn’t get the corner piece, he suddenly hated the party. It was a great moment.

My second favorite was Scott Grimes’ singing. He was amazing!

Claire’s relationship with Isaac was put to the test. He was really only gathering information, although he does function better with her than without her. As expected from a robot, he was able to cut things off rather easily once his mission was over. And when Ty gave him that adorable drawing, he dropped it on the ground so coldly, I yelled at the TV. He’s a robot, but come on.

That was SO cold.

I loved seeing the Kaylon’s homeworld. The giant screen they all work on. The lack of chairs. The metal buildings and high-tech feel. It didn’t disappoint.

But then Ty snuck onto the homeworld to give Isaac back his drawing. And he found something he wasn’t supposed to find. Billions of dead bodies.

OK, that changed the feeling of the episode quickly!

This episode was an emotional roller coaster, especially after A Happy Refrain. We fell in love with Isaac and Claire and marveled at how Isaac’s story was exceeding the programming of Data’s story from Star Trek. It looked like Isaac had some semblance of feeling.

But then I learned that it was all a lie. He wasn’t studying humans to see if the Kaylons would join the Planetary Union. No, he was trying to help them decide if they should murder all of humanity. To think that all along, he was on the ship helping make that decision.

And in a blink of an eye, the ship was taken over. The Kaylons took over the ship and are now taking their entire fleet to Earth to destroy it, after revealing that they destroyed their own creators Cylon-style because their builders tried to stop their own evolution.

This is insane. We thought Bortus’ race was bad with how they were going to kill Locar for being attracted to a woman. That wasn’t even a shadow of what’s happening now.

That crazy ending explained. 

OK, so if things happened a little too fast for you to keep up with, here’s a quick rundown of just what happened at the end of the episode.

Ty dropped his drawing underground and when he went to pick it up, he stumbled onto something really creepy. (Poor kid, he’s going to be scarred forever.) He found thousands upon thousands of skeletons.

When the crew scanned the planet, they realized there were billions of bodies underground. I theorized at this point that maybe the Kaylons started out in a biological form and then converted into an artificial form. I was VERY wrong.

The Kaylons explained that all those bodies belonged to their builders. Still, I liked the Kaylons. I wanted to give the Kaylons the benefit of the doubt. Surely it wasn’t genocide. I mean, maybe their creators were bent on destroying them and they had no choice but to kill them all first, I tried to reason, heavy in denial. My husband was watching with me, and he said that there was no reason, even if that were the case, that they would have to kill all of them. The way the bodies were just stacked, it looked like genocide.

And yes, that ended up being the case. The Kaylons explained that when their creators wanted to stop their evolution, they were no longer compatible to co-exist. “Coexistence is impossible,” they kept saying. They had to destroy their creators completely. And now that they’ve used up their planet’s resources and need to colonize a new world, they’ll have to do the same for more biological creatures. They’re growing exponentially, and they’ve reasons that biologicals simply can’t accept that and will want to stifle their evolution too.

They were trying to decide if humans were worthy of being preserved. Well, apparently not. Now they’re hell-bent on destroying humanity and are bringing their entire fleet to Earth.

Thanks Isaac. :-/

The Kaylons are essentially Cylons at this point. (I wrote more about that right here.)

The surprise ending has fans shocked, and it’s only causing them to love the show even more.

The episode was a huge emotional rollercoaster after A Happy Refrain and rooting for Isaac and Claire. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Don’t forget, the crew had a surprise going away party for Isaac because they liked him so much. And then he came right back on the ship and, with his people, killed a bunch of them. :(

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