‘The Umbrella Academy’: What Are Each Person’s Powers on the Team?

Umbrella Academy powers

Netflix Umbrella Academy powers

The Umbrella Academy is a big hit on Netflix. Now that Netflix is getting rid of its Marvel shows, it’s nice to know that a superhero-themed show is still on the subscription service. But a lot of people are confused about the team’s powers, some even after finishing Season 1, so we’re going to review the team’s powers here. First we’ll start with team members 1 through 6, which will contain some spoilers all the way through the end of the season, along with minor comic spoilers. Then we’ll talk about team member 7, which will include some major spoilers.

The Powers of Team Members 1-6

This section only has minor spoilers for Season 1.

Number 1 (aka Luther) was sometimes called “Spaceboy” and he spent a lot of time on the Moon. Luther’s power is super strength, which is augmented once he gets the serum that transforms his body into being animal-like while also saving his life. In many ways, he’s the most underpowered of the team, even though he’s also the designated leader. (Interestingly, in the comics Luther appears to have enhanced speed, agility, and intelligence. These aren’t really presented in the TV series, though.)

Number 2 (aka Diego) has the ability to hit anyone with the knives he throws and he doesn’t miss. In the comics he’s called Kraken, but that’s not relevant to the TV series. In the comics, Diego could hold his breath for a very long time, which was how he got the nickname.

Number 3 (aka Allison) can control people’s minds by speaking rumors, starting with “I heard a rumor that…” She can’t actually change the physical reality (like bringing someone back from the dead), but she can make people do her bidding or change their minds about things by simply speaking the rumor to them.

Number 4 (aka Klaus) has the ability to conjure the dead and speak to them. This is overwhelming to him, which is why he stays high most of the time — it seems to dampen his skills. However, Ben (who is dead) is permanently conjured and always talking to him, which is likely because of how close they were. Near the end of the Netflix season, Klaus unlocks new powers that he didn’t know he had. In the comics, Klaus had telekinesis, which he doesn’t appear to have in the TV series.

Number 5 (who has no real name) can teleport anywhere at will, and he can even move through time, although this skill is much tougher to manage. When he jumped forward in time the first time, it took him 50 years to figure out how to go back, and even then he got the calculations wrong.  He’s also very smart. The comics describe his space teleportation as “microjumps” in time, but the TV series seems to indicate that he can do both, and time jumping is far more dangerous.

Number 6 (Ben) had the ability to basically turn into an octopus-like monster. The comics explains his power as “possessing” monsters from other dimensions that typically emerge in the form of tentacles from his torso. The TV series does not explain exactly what his power is; it simply appears to be turning into an octopus-like monster.

Does Vanya (Team Member 7) Have Powers?

This has major spoilers for Season 1, so don’t read on unless you’re OK with getting spoiled.

Throughout the season, we’re told that Vanya is ordinary and is the only child on the team who doesn’t have any powers. Because of this, she doesn’t train with the team, she’s not in photographs, and she doesn’t go on missions. In fact, everyone treats her pretty dismissively because she’s not special like the rest of them.

But later on in the season, we learn that Vanya does have powers and she’s actually the most powerful of all the rest of the team. She has powers that can destroy worlds, kill people, and even control the weather. She can tune into any sound and turn the vibration into a power that can essentially make pretty much anything happen, from slashing someone’s throat to destroying an entire building. When she’s playing the violin, she can use the violin as a focusing point. The medication she was on suppressed her powers for most of her life.

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